Weekend Recap • Fishing, Just Me & You

The weekend for the boys and I started on Friday. Grandma and Grandpa came around 11am to pick up the boys and take them to the cabin (their favorite place on earth.) After the boys were gone I helped our good friends, Ryan & Tina, move into their new house. Nathan was working until 3:30pm but when he got off work he came over and helped a bit too. Then we went home to order a pizza and get everything ready for our fishing trip on Lake CDA. Nathan has the Idaho BASS Nation qualifying event coming up so he needed to practice fish and this time I got to go with him!

We got up really early Saturday morning (4am) and headed to the lake. When we got to Harrison the weather was not nice. It was in the 50’s and raining. The forecast looked like the rain was going to slow a bit so we went into The Lakeside and had a coffee while watching the rain from inside.

We enjoyed people watching and had a few laughs. Finally Nathan couldn’t stand just looking at the water anymore so we put our rain gear on and went out anyway. It rained pretty hard on us at first but after about an hour the rain stopped.

We fished all day. Nathan did the catching. I caught one little one. 5:30pm we decided to pull off the water. We checked into our hotel room there in Harrison and then walked back down to the Lakeside Bar & Grill for dinner. After dinner we grabbed a few beers and sat on our private deck outside our room.


The view from our deck was pretty awesome! This is the same hotel Nathan and I spent our honeymoon so it was a nice to get back here again just the two of us.


Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast at another delicious restaurant in Harrison (small town stores and restaurants are the best, aren’t they?) then we headed for home to our boys. I went and saw my dad for Father’s day and we had Nathan’s dad and mom over for dinner. I think Nathan enjoyed his day.

It was a great weekend and I am so excited to head back to the lake on Wednesday for 4 days. This time the whole family is coming with us!

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