Last Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was the last day of kindergarten. For both Joshua and I. But first let’s start with the FIRST day of kindergarten.

Joshua didn’t earn Superbee the FIRST day of school but he did about 2 weeks later. He earned Panther Cub Club and Superbee on the same day. Boy was he excited. Such a good student this boy was.

Joshua didn’t like to get in trouble at school but sometimes the boy in him just couldn’t be held in any longer and he’d have to sit in time out for being too talkative or silly. And that’s okay. Part of learning. He wasn’t punching other kids or yelling at his teacher so I’d say he’s a good egg.

Joshua gained a lot of confidence in his abilities this year and started putting a lot more effort into his work. He definitely doesn’t like when things are hard and tends to give up a lot quicker than his dad approves of but Joshua learns quickly and when he feels like he’s getting better at something he’s all in to do his best. I definitely saw this in his writing this year.

Joshua made a shift from Mario everything to Minecraft this year. He really got into the Lego sets and can build a whole set designed for a 10 year old in about 30 minutes.

Joshua made quite the connection with a girl named Marlee in his class this year. Marlee likes to be silly and Joshua LOVES to laugh. Marlee makes him laugh and for that he loves her. He played with lots of other kids too (at this age kinders tend to play with different friends each day) but I heard him talk about Marlee the most. She’s a sweet girl and will be missed next year at his new school. Luckily I am friends with her mom so the kids will still get play dates.

I think the one thing I loved seeing the most in Joshua this year is his kind heart. He was helpful to many of his classmates. One day when I walked into his classroom I saw Joshua at the sink with Dusty. Dusty was washing his hands so Joshua grabbed some paper towels for him and said, “Here Dusty” as he handed Dusty the towels to dry his hands. Small gestures but it means Joshua was thinking of someone other than himself which is BIG.

Joshua ADORED his teacher, Mrs. Lathrop, and I think it’s because she spoiled him. She loved to hear all his stories in the mornings and Joshua loves a person who will listen to his tall tales.

I can’t really believe we are here. To first grade. I was just writing about Joshua the baby a few days ago. Or Joshua the toddler who made me want to pull my hair out. Now he’s a boy. Gah time slow down.

Well, like I said, it was my last day in kindergarten too. I am onto 2nd grade at a new school next year. Bittersweet for sure. Yesterday was a HARD day saying goodbye to my Asotin family. I shed so many tears saying goodbye to students, parents and staff. My principal, Wes Nicholas, has been such a great leader and friend to work for. I will miss him big. And my teaching partner, well, we didn’t have a last day selfie because it isn’t our last day together. Jenna is my best friend and I think we will be even closer that we aren’t co-teachers because we will only have the best friend role to focus on. We already have it planned out to get together the first Monday of each month. And we Snap Chat each other everyday. We’ll be fine.

So onto the next adventure for Joshua and I. Lewiston School District here we come!! Grady will also be starting his first year of school next year at Wonder World 3’s preschool. So it will be a big school year for all of us next year and we couldn’t be more excited.

But until then…HELLO Summer Break!!!!

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