Weekend Recap • Fishing, Fishing, Fishing

It was our favorite kind of weekend. Full of bass fishing with the family. Nathan and Ryan fished the Strike King Open with the Panhandle Bass Anglers club. We stayed in our favorite little town on the lake, Harrison, Idaho. Grandma and Grandpa came with us and Tina drove up Saturday to spend the day with us. Friday night when we got there the sunset was gorgeous. This is our view from our camp. Doesn’t really get much better. The boys weren’t ready for bed at all but I knew we had a big day Saturday so they settled down with a movie in the camper before bed.

And Saturday morning, right after breakfast, we were fishing! The boys just couldn’t wait to get their lines in the water. And not even 10 minutes later we heard Grady say, “There’s something pulling on my line!” We looked and said “It’s a fish reel reel Grady!” And he caught a NICE bluegill! First of many catches of the day.

Once the sun hit the water the fish really pulled up to feel the sunshine and the bite turned on. Joshua started catching fish every couple of casts. He caught every species in that marina I think.

A bluegill.

A smallmouth.

A perch.

Another bluegill.

A largemouth.

A pumpkin seed.


Then the boys checked out another dock and sight fished along the way.

There was a smallmouth on its bed right up on the bank. Ryan had spotted it that morning before blast-off and told me the boys should try to catch it so I told Joshua that and of course it was like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. He casted and casted at that fish determined to get it. I was in the camper when I heard, “I GOT HIM! RYAN IS GOING TO BE SO HAPPY!” Boy was Joshua excited!!

Did the boys stop to eat lunch? Nope! They just kept fishing and fishing. And they kept catching.

Finally, it was time for weigh-in and the boys had to take a break to see how daddy and Ryan did. They don’t mind though because they know that weigh-in equals icecream cones! Grandma always buys them icecream from the Gateway General Store while we watch the bass weighed in.

Nathan and Ryan did pretty well. They weighed in 11.7lbs and 6th place (the last payout spot) was 15lbs. We aren’t exactly sure where they fell but we are hoping near the top 10. There were 48 boats so I’d say they did well!!


After the weigh-in it was back to the dock for more fishing! My boys never stop. There was another bed fish Joshua had been working at all day long. In fact Tina, Grandpa and Nathan all tried to catch it and no one could get it to bite…until Joshua did! The patience and persistence of this boy really impressed me this weekend. He is turning into quite the fisherman.

Sunday morning came and we did NOT want to go home. It was a beautiful morning and Harrison was quiet. Sandy and I got a coffee from the Lakeside and I could have just relaxed by the lake fishing and soaking up the sun for another day. *sigh* We instead loaded up and headed for home.

(The dock we fished on alllll day and the boys caught and caught.)

Oh beautiful Lake CDA!

The boys were exhausted and slept most of the way home.

The best weekend. We are headed back in a couple of weeks for the IBN State Qualifier. We can’t wait to get back up there.

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