Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites…all my favorite things from the week! I’m backing up a little bit to last Saturday with this one, but getting to go to the fire station in downtown Lewiston was a big favorite for Joshua and I. Our good friend Kyle is a first response EMT and asked us down to the station. Joshua got to explore the fire engines and the ambulance. He even got to help with some of the checks on the big engine.

On Sunday Grady and Nathan got home after being gone for 9 days! Oh this is my favorite moment from the week! I missed them soooo much. Grady ran out of the pickup and jumped into my arms then he ran over to his brother and wrapped his arms around Joshua. Joshua said, “I missed you Grady.” and Grady replied, “I missed you too, brother cuz brother I love you.” Awe this mama heart was full. Then they played and played together in the mini pool.

Joshua graduated Kindergarten this week! Our end of the year kindergarten program is always a favorite. The kids did SO good and I was super proud of them. HOW is Joshua almost a first grader?!

And tonight after school we head to my FAVORITE little town on lake. We will leave for Harrison, Idaho on Lake Couer d’ Alene after school today for a weekend of bass fishing. Nathan and Ryan are fishing the Strike King Open. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and I can’t wait to just relax and enjoy my family.

It’s been a busy week with kindergarten graduation, report cards and all things end of the school year. But we are down to 4.5 more days and then we are officially on summer break. I can’t wait!!

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