Weekend Recap: Easter

Friday after school was the beginning of our Spring Break! Joshua and I are so excited to spend a week at home with Grady just relaxing and hanging out. We don’t have any plans and I’m pretty excited about that. We grabbed a Papa Murphy’s pizza for Friday night to kick things off.

Saturday morning was a slow morning. The boys watched cartoons with chocolate milk while I had my coffee. I was able to get my workout in and then we headed to Walmart to get all of our grocery shopping done for Easter and make sure the house is filled for spring break. After we got all that done we headed to the river with our fishing poles!

Joshua caught this one and a half pounder on his first cast! He thought he was hung up on a rock at first. This fish tore him up on his light fishing rod and I was so excited for him! Tina caught a couple of good ones and I was able to catch a couple as well. I wanted Grady to hook a bass so bad but he just doesn’t quite cast far enough yet. He’ll get there.

While the girls and kids were fishing the river bank, Nathan and Ryan were pre-fishing for a bass tournament on Dworshak. It is still pretty winter-like up there and the fishing was tough. The water is COLD and the bass are still pretty lethargic. They were able to get a couple good ones though.

Sunday morning of course we woke up to Easter morning. Nathan and I had hid the eggs the night before in the backyard and we set their Easter present on the fireplace. Of course Joshua was up at 6am ready to discover all that the bunny had brought. After opening their t-ball set they headed outside to pick up eggs.

Then I made breakfast. I love making my family a good breakfast on slow weekend mornings. Acts of service is one of my love languages (I think I’ve mentioned this lots before) and it’s how I love on my people. So I loved making my boys bacon!

Little hints of Easter were all over the house as I cleaned the house. I wanted the house to be nice and clean as we start out our week at home so I spent most of the day cleaning.

We also colored Easter eggs.

My mom had brought over Easter goodies for the boys. They cuddled up on the couch with their stuffed animals from Grammy and watched an afternoon movie.

Nathan’s parents came over for Easter dinner. I cooked a ham, scallop potatoes, pea salad, green salad and green beans. We had a good dinner and a great Easter together as family.

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