Friday Favorites

It’s FRIDAY! And 2 awesome reasons to love this Friday in particular.

1. It’s Good Friday! May we always remember the sacrifice Jesus made for each one of us on the cross. Today undeserving Mercy is laying on my heart.

2. It is also the Friday before Spring Break at our school and the excitement is buzzing around the school. Kids and teachers are all excited for their spring break plans. The sun is trying to break through the clouds and it’s a great day.

Today I am sharing all of my favorites from the week!

On January 15th I started a brand new fitness program through Beachbody called 80 Day Obsession. I am loving this workout and it’s my new FAVORITE workout program. This week it’s my favorite rep setup and I pushed hard.

Another FAVORITE for me are lilacs and their wonderful scent. I found this candle and it fills my house with the smell of lilacs. Love.

I started reading my FAVORITE children’s book to read aloud in the classroom this week: Charlotte’s Web. I love this story so much. The language. The characters. The deeper meanings weaved throughout. The kids love it, too.

Joshua drew his family a picture just because one night and it’s always my FAVORITE to see his drawing and writing. He included his whole family he said and I love that he included the dog.

Well fishing is always a FAVORITE for the Tumelson’s! Thursday after school and work the 4 of us loaded up and headed to the river for a little bass fishing. The weather was perfect and it was a great evening. When we were done we grabbed Arby’s on the way home for dinner.

My FAVORITE part of everyday is when I get to drink my Shakeology. It’s a nutritional shake loaded with alll the essentials my body needs and it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. I love it!

My FAVORITE part of spring is the crazy, beautiful skies. The birds were so pretty silhouetted against that sky.

And finally, the best part of Friday. PIZZA NIGHT!! Friday’s are always pizza nights in our house and this chicken, spinach, artichoke is one of my FAVORITES from Papa Murphy’s.

Gotta admit, I’m glad this week is over and I’m looking forward to Easter, spring break and just time with my boys. ♥️

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