Pin It/Spin It

My bestie has the cutest little blog full of family, faith, life hacks and yummy recipes called Tractors and Glam. I love her blog just as much as I love her. Please check out her blog and follow her! She has started a monthly blog link up called Pin it/Spin it where you take Pinterest inspirations and make them your own. How fun, right? We all do it so let’s share about it! Sometimes it’s success and sometimes it’s complete failure. Today I am linking up with Jenna for Pin it/Spin it!

Sometimes I will get compliments on how cute my outfits are and I can’t take credit for any of it. I’m a total copy cat and dress myself using Pinterest. Is there a term for the opposite of a fashionista? Because that’s me. So I look up what’s in fashion on my Pinterest board and see if I have matching pieces in my closet that I can put together to recreate a look. Here’s what I wore this week.

Here’s the Pin:

Here’s my Spin! I love demin and am so happy spring is here so I can pull out all my demin pieces. You’ll see in a minute what I mean. I love the heels with this look but I teach kindergarten so wearing high heels to work just isn’t practical for me. I’m on my feet all day long and would have some sore feet if I wore high heels. So my Keds it is!

My Pin:


My Spin! I wish these parachute pants were a little shorter on me so they sat above my ankle like on this model but they are kinda baggy. Also, again with the heels. I had to wear my comfortable teaching shoes. I’m always a little self-conscious in my parachute pants. I feel like they look much better on other people. But man are they comfortable. I felt like I was wearing my pajamas all day.

My Pin:

My Spin! Again, with the demin. I have super cute shoes I was going to wear with this that kind of matched what this model is wearing and then I completely forgot. I love love my birks though! The most comfortable shoes I own.

My Pin:

My Spin! More demin. More Keds. Told ya, no fashionista here! Plain Jane. No shame.

My last pin isn’t clothes related. I have a fireplace mantle and it’s my favorite spot in the house. I love changing up the decor each season and I needed some Easter inspiration. I found this pin and just loved the look with the tulips.\

My Pin:


My Spin! I don’t have a cute chalkboard but would love to get one. I used the tulips as my inspiration for this one.


There is my Pinspiration for this month! This post comes the last Thursday of each month. Thanks Jenna for this fun link-up!!

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