Pin It/Spin It

My bestie has the cutest little blog full of family, faith, life hacks and yummy recipes called Tractors and Glam. I love her blog just as much as I love her. Please check out her blog and follow her! She has started a monthly blog link up called Pin it/Spin it where you take Pinterest inspirations and make them your own. How fun, right? We all do it so let’s share about it! Sometimes it’s success and sometimes it’s complete failure. Today I am linking up with Jenna for Pin it/Spin it!

Sometimes I will get compliments on how cute my outfits are and I can’t take credit for any of it. I’m a total copy cat and dress myself using Pinterest. Is there a term for the opposite of a fashionista? Because that’s me. So I look up what’s in fashion on my Pinterest board and see if I have matching pieces in my closet that I can put together to recreate a look. Here’s what I wore this week.

Here’s the Pin:

Here’s my Spin! I love demin and am so happy spring is here so I can pull out all my demin pieces. You’ll see in a minute what I mean. I love the heels with this look but I teach kindergarten so wearing high heels to work just isn’t practical for me. I’m on my feet all day long and would have some sore feet if I wore high heels. So my Keds it is!

My Pin:


My Spin! I wish these parachute pants were a little shorter on me so they sat above my ankle like on this model but they are kinda baggy. Also, again with the heels. I had to wear my comfortable teaching shoes. I’m always a little self-conscious in my parachute pants. I feel like they look much better on other people. But man are they comfortable. I felt like I was wearing my pajamas all day.

My Pin:

My Spin! Again, with the demin. I have super cute shoes I was going to wear with this that kind of matched what this model is wearing and then I completely forgot. I love love my birks though! The most comfortable shoes I own.

My Pin:

My Spin! More demin. More Keds. Told ya, no fashionista here! Plain Jane. No shame.

My last pin isn’t clothes related. I have a fireplace mantle and it’s my favorite spot in the house. I love changing up the decor each season and I needed some Easter inspiration. I found this pin and just loved the look with the tulips.\

My Pin:


My Spin! I don’t have a cute chalkboard but would love to get one. I used the tulips as my inspiration for this one.


There is my Pinspiration for this month! This post comes the last Thursday of each month. Thanks Jenna for this fun link-up!!

What’s Up Wednesday?!

I know I said WWW would be a peak into my kindergarten classroom and today it was supposed to be a classroom tour but I got so busy today with meetings before and after school AND a professional development meeting I just didn’t have time to snap my pictures. So next week, promise!

For today I thought I would upload the last 10 photos taken in my phone of the boys and tell WHAT’s UP with them in each photo. So here we go!


The boys had been home from the cabin for 2 seconds when Grady grabbed his fishing pole and started fishing in the backyard! Nathan had his boat out and was loading it up for a trip out on the river so Grady grabbed his slide and made it his pretend boat. The grass was the water. I just love his little imagination! Joshua went running into the yard and Grady yelled “Brother you’re going to drown!” So cute.


Oh this picture just sums up my boys completely. Always goofy! They were snuggled up on my lap and I grabbed my phone. They always want to do “funny faces” aka Snapchat filters. And then we got this picture by making a crazy face.


I loved this day! It was a beautiful (almost) spring day and Nathan was gone fishing so we called up our good friend Tina and headed to the water ourselves. We took a drive up the river and had a picnic. The boys got to cast and cast and cast and loved it. Our hearts are always so happy by the water.


Joshua and I missed the entire Read Across America week at school because he had Influenza. Finally by Friday he was feeling a little better and it was PJ Day so he got to join a litttle bit of the fun! But it was enough to completely wipe him out and before we were even 5 miles from the school he was OUT!


Grady had also caught the dang flu from Joshua. It was a rough couple of weeks around our house and scary and sad. This boy was getting a relaxing bath.


I missed a ton of work when the boys were sick and it was super hard to be gone from my classroom that much. But I got a lot of snuggle time with my sweet boys and was so grateful to be able to take that time off to be with them and take care of them.


Joshua has taken a little break from MARIO for Minecraft LEGOS. We got him a couple of sets for his birthday and he has those things built in a couple of hours all by himself. Of course he had to have a picture taken to send to Mrs. Lathrop. He adores his teacher!


For our birthday weekend the boys got to go to the cabin with grandma and grandpa. My mother-in-law sent me this picture to let me know the boys were being good and having a great time. I love love getting pictures of them when they are away.


Joshua on his 6th birthday!! Of course it was a Mario Bros birthday so the boys dressed up for it.


This picture was just a random Saturday. We got ready to go run some errands and the brothers wanted to dress alike so Joshua helped them pick out their matching outfits and it was so damn cute I had to get a picture. I love this pic so much. My boys. ♥️