Motivational Monday: Living in States

What is the key to happiness? How do we unlock and open the door to joy?

Choose to be happy.

Happiness, my friends, is a choice. The moment your consciousness wakes up in the morning you immediately make a choice on what to focus on. This focus influences your state of mind. Your state of being. Do you wake up and focus on all of the negative things in your life? It’s early. I’m tired. I want to sleep more. I don’t want to deal with work today. I have that meeting I don’t want to attend. I have to deal with this co-worker that’s being a pain in my a…I just wish it was summer already so I can get out of the house and routine. This summer I will be happy again when I can vacation. But today it sucks. It’s cold. I don’t want to adult today. I have to get that bill paid today. You can feel the weight of all this pressing on your chest, can’t you? Maybe you’re starting to slouch down in your chair…your face is starting to slant towards the floor…your shoulders have dropped.

STOP! Right now stop going down this fast road to depression.

What if you woke up and got right out of bed? No snooze, no second thoughts of sleep. You just got up and started moving. Grab that delicious cup of coffee and breath deep the aroma of alertness. Look at the window and welcome the sun rising over the horizon.  Or the rain as it freshens the earth. Standing tall, shoulders back, smile on your face, proud chest. Why? Just because you can! You don’t need a reason to be happy. Is this a shocker to you? How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t know what my problem is today, I’m just in a bad mood. I don’t really have a reason I’m just not feeling it today. Kind of down.” And we accept this! We say, “Oh I’m sorry, some days are just like that, I understand.” But if we see someone walking down the office hallway standing tall and whistling we ask, “Why are you in such a good mood today?” And if they respond, “No reason, I’m just happy.” We immediately become skeptical. Like they are withholding because something has to be going on to make them that happy.

I’m going to say it again, we chose our state.

We can consciously decide every day what we are going to focus on and as a result, alter our state of mind.

I’ve learned all of this from that guy right there, Mr. Tony Robbins. And since bringing all of this to my consciousness I’ve made a daily effort to be in control of my own happiness. And sometimes I slip. Okay, often I slip. Like every other day. This morning I slipped. The words, “There are so many reasons to be mad that this week isn’t Spring Break!” came out of my mouth to which my co-worker kindly replied, “Except we are fortunate that in our job we get a free week off. Not everyone can say that. You could work at a bank.” HELLO PERSPECTIVE! Perfect example. It’s all focus. Today I chose gratitude. To be thankful that Joshua is at school with me and in 5 short days we get a week off together.

Daily I chose to live in states of

and love (yes I said love twice because it’s worth repeating.)

I try very hard to avoid states of

And it all comes from what I chose to focus on in each situation.

Choose Happy.

Weekend Recap: Bedroom Swaps

What a productive weekend with great quality time for Nathan and I mixed in.

Friday was the end of the semester so it was early release for Joshua and I. I always make sure to get my grades done before Friday so that I can leave early. I dropped Joshua off with Grandma and Grandpa and the boys headed to the cabin for the weekend. Boy were they excited!

Since I had an afternoon to myself I did some shopping and stopped by MOD Pizza for one of their delicious Italian salads. When Nathan got home for work we took advantage of being kid free and went out to dinner. We went to El Sombrero for their delicious fajitas and yummy margaritas.

After dinner we came back home and 2 of our closest friends came by to catch up over a few beers.

Saturday we slept in. You heard me. We SLEPT in!! Until 7:30am. Both our boys are early risers and have been since the day they were born so it’s very rare that we get to sleep past 6am. Both Nathan and I are up at 4am everyday on the week days so this extra sleep was so welcomed. We had a really quiet morning drinking our coffee and watching the news. This was also a luxury to us because normally the TV is taken over by morning cartoons until the boys are completely awake at which time Nathan and I can’t hear the TV even if we wanted to because the boys are so loud. So, yes, casually drinking our morning coffee in the quiet was quite the treat. I don’t need to add the disclaimers about how much we love our boys and love being parents because, duh! We do. We also love when we get a little break from being Mom and Dad and get to be Husband and Wife.

Then we started cleaning out closets and organizing clothes! Our house is 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. Upstairs we have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and downstairs we have 2 bedrooms and a bath. The bedroom downstairs really is a master suite because it’s really big, has a deep closet and has a bathroom in it. There is also a king bed down there. The bed frame for the king bed is literally built into the concrete floor so moving the bed upstairs isn’t an option. We want that king bed! We also live near the airport and hear the planes almost every night. We live right by the top of Bryden Canyon road and hear allllll the traffic noise. We also have about 5 different dogs in our area that bark at all times of the day and night. In the basement it is dark, it is cold and it is QUIET! We can’t hear any of the plane or traffic noise and we can’t hear the dogs. So that’s my long way of saying we decided to move our bedroom to the basement. I moved all of our clothes down there and we also moved a dresser and nightstands to that room. We did some shopping and I found a new comforter, blankets and sheets for the bed. Now I just need some new curtains and decor. We are also going to put fresh paint on the walls and replace the carpet. My Spring Break projects.


This opened up our bedroom upstairs so we decided to move Grady into our old room so that he can upgrade to a big bed. Right now Grady is in a tiny room in the corner of the house. Moving him to our old room not only gives him the bigger bed, but it gives him the bigger room. And then Nathan and I have decided to make Grady’s old room a play room for the boys. We are going to put a TV and dvd player in there with some bean bag chairs with all of their toys so they have their own space. These changes I am going to work on over spring break and I will make sure to post about it. But I did find some great new bedding for Grady so his new room is started.


While we were out shopping for new bedding we also did some Easter shopping for the boys. We picked up this baseball tee and some wiffle balls. We also need to get a couple of plastic bats for them.


After we were done with our running around we came home and Nathan grilled up these marinated pork country ribs on the Green Mountain. So good! I got a text from my mother-in-law that the boys were having a blast up at the cabin. She sent me a picture saying the boys were all washed up and going to eat some popcorn with a movie before bed. We had a great dinner together at home, watched a movie and headed to bed.

Sunday morning Nathan and I slept in again! Almost 8am this time! Another slow morning with our coffee and breakfast and then I got my workout in before the boys got home. I was so happy to see those sweet boys. Grady immediately went to the backyard to start casting his fishing pole because he saw his daddy with the bass boat out. Nathan got the boat all ready to take out on the water for a few hours. Grady was pretending the slide was his bass boat and the grass was the water.

I hung out with the boys while Nathan and his dad took the boat out and they caught them!

We ended the night with a family dinner together at the dinner table and then a movie together in our new big king bed that comfortably fits all 4 of us! 🙂

It was a great weekend with my hubby and my boys and I’m refreshed and ready for one more school week before Spring Break!