Joshua Turned 6! (Over a Month Ago)

February 9th. OUR birthday.

6 years ago God gave me the gift of motherhood. He gave me something that my heart will never be able to hold enough gratitude for. He gave me Joshua James. A healthy 7lb 11oz baby boy.

And just like that Joshua is 6.

I kept telling him he wasn’t allowed to turn 6.

Grandma kept telling him she was going to find a big rock to put on his head to stop him from growing.

To Joshua’s delight we couldn’t stop it from happening.

6 just seems so big! 0-5 is baby, toddler, prek, little stage. And then 6-10 is a boy. Joshua is a young boy. And that’s exciting yet hard to accept at the same time.

He still holds my hand, sits on my lap and lets me kiss him whenever I want. I don’t want that to ever end.

Yet, it’s so fun to watch him grow and develop. And I love getting to know Joshua the boy. Joshua the boy is super thoughtful and will do little things for his family that are helpful. He wants to do the right thing. He asks lots of questions and wants to know the real answers, not watered down answers that parents filter for young ears.

Joshua the boy has a lot of energy and loves to exert that energy through loud noises.

He LOVES to laugh and goofy people are his people.

Joshua skips whenever he goes radiating joy and simply happiness.

Lots of things come easy to him and he gets frustrated when they don’t.

Joshua loves his little brother and is very protective of him.

Joshua wants to have the last word. Always.

He’s loved Mario Bros everything since he was 3 but lately that’s shifted to Minecraft LEGOS. It’s a little refreshing to have a change of energy.

He loves small toys and will pack them around for a few days before finding a new small something to pack around.

He’s adorable!!

At 6 years old, Joshua is easy to love.

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