Motherhood is…always changing

When my boys were babies and toddlers my motherhood looked and felt very different than it does now. We all sleep through the night now for one.

The start of motherhood is just keeping tiny humans alive! Bottles! When did they eat last? Diapers! When did they poop last? (No one tells you how much your life will revolve around poop when you have a baby in your life.) Baby proof this, safety proof that. Want to leave the house? Better pack a bag that carries half the house to take with you!

And then those tiny humans grow bigger and they begin to form an opinion and a need. An autonomous need for independence. And motherhood changes.

Being a mom to small boys I am constantly yelling

“Be quiet!”

“Settle down!”

“Stop jumping off the couch!”

“Don’t hit your brother!”

“Stop screaming!”


Motherhood changes from keeping them alive to teaching them how to be good humans. Teaching manners and appropriate behavior. Teaching them about the relationship between choices and consequences. Teaching them to be kind.

The best part of motherhood to small boys? They love their mama. The relationship I’m building with them.

“Those are pretty diamonds. I will buy some for you Mommy.”

“I love you Mama!”

“You look so beautiful in those clothes.”

And I cherish this time with them. This stage right now. And I am excited for the next stages to come because I know my motherhood will change again. And while being in the trenches with babies and toddlers makes for long days and nights, I know that motherhood is only going to get harder as the tough lessons I will be asked to teach my boys is to come. But I also know that the relationship I have with them will only grow stronger with more depth.

I love all the changes and stages of motherhood. Being a Mom is my greatest calling and gift. ♥️

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