Weekend Recap • The BASS Classic and Sickies

This weekend wasn’t what we expected from the beginning. Originally the boys were going to the cabin with Grandma & Grandpa (their favorite thing!) and Nathan & I were going to Dworshak for the first bass fishing trip of the season. But the weather changed on us and cold, wind and rain isn’t exactly the recipe for a great first trip out in the brand new Skeet. So we cancelled all those plans and decided to stay home. A day later that proved to be the right decision as we all ended up sick. Sinus pressure, sore throat, cough, no energy. We all got hit at the same time. Joshua and Grady, just getting over influenza, didn’t get hit as hard as Nathan and I but we pushed through the work week.

On Friday after school Joshua’s classmate, Wyatt, was having a birthday party at his house. For the first time ever I dropped Joshua off at a friend’s house! As I drove away it tore at my heart strings a little bit. He’s getting so big on me and very much a young boy now. I went home and got my workout in and then I headed back to Wyatt’s to pick up Joshua. On the way home we grabbed a Fazzaris pizza. Friday’s are pizza night at our house and Fazzaris is the BEST pizza in the country!

Saturday morning we woke up to live coverage of the Bassmaster Classic on Bassmaster.com. Nathan and I watch the Classic every single year together. This was another great reason to stay home and ditch our original plans. We hook the computer up to the TV and live stream.

About mid-morning this one came down with a fever. Joshua said, “Mommy my finger feels really hot. My insides of my body feels hot.” So I took his temperature and it was 101.5. Dang it. I gave him some Motrin and he laid on the couch all day.

Since Joshua got to have movies on the couch Nathan moved to the garage and started working on his tackle organization. He brought the laptop out so we could keep watching the Classic and of course little Grady, who loves all things fishing, joined us. Whenever Nathan starts messing with his fishing gear Grady is right there to get his hands on whatever he can. When it was time for the weigh-in we grabbed some popcorn and chairs and watched the event in the garage.

Sunday was much the same as Saturday. Joshua woke up with a fever of 103.1 and wasn’t doing very good. I striped him down to his underwear and gave him more medicine with some ice cold 7-Up.

After I got Joshua’s fever down (thank you children’s Motrin!) and the family fed breakfast I was able to get my Winco grocery shopping done. I also got to squeeze in my workout when I got home. This “me time” has changed me as a person. I will write an entire blog post on this one day.

Then it was time for the final weigh-in of the Bassmaster Classic so we hooked the computer back up to the TV. It was a really exciting tournament with close weights and we just weren’t sure what was going to happen. As fate would have it Jordan Lee took the trophy for the 2nd year in a row. Something that’s only been done by 2 other anglers in bass fishing history. Pretty neat to watch!

By the afternoon Joshua was definitely better than he had been. The fever had not been back and a little energy was coming back to him. But his little body was definitely still fighting it because he crashed out on the couch at 4pm.

I made a white chicken chili for Sunday dinner and we lounged around the house. That is one thing I love about Sundays–a homemade meal and lounging.

I’m hoping our family can get well again. We’ve been sick for weeks. I’m taking the day off work on Monday to try and get Joshua back to the doctor. These high fevers worry me.

Nonetheless, we are blessed to have each other and have a quiet weekend home together, all 4 of us. ♥️

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