Motivational Monday: Be[ing] Grateful

Mondays are a day I’m going to dig a little deeper. I’m going to share my heart and my beliefs. I will never claim to be an expert or highly educated in the topics I write about. It all comes from MY experience with personal development and MY interpretations. I learn from great minds like Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Rick Warren, and Jesus (I’m discovering how much good is in the Good Book!)

So, with all that being said, what is today’s Motivational Monday?


Let me paint you a scene. Starting with the facts. Today I am at home from work with a sick kid. I called in a substitute teacher for my kindergarten class yesterday to secure my day off. Joshua has had high fevers all weekend and I’ve caught a sick bug as well. Chest congestion, cough, sore throat, low energy.

Here’s where I paint.

Ugh. It’s Monday. Another long mundane week ahead. I’m missing school and it’s report card week. I have assessments and grades to get done and I’m stuck here at home. I swear we’ve been sick for weeks around this house! I hate when my boys get fevers. It just wipes them out and I worry when the fevers get high. At night is when it hits me the worst and I haven’t been able to sleep very well. This house is such a mess too. What else am I going to do with myself all day? I might as well finish the laundry and clean. Man I get so tired of cleaning this house all of the time. Grady’s feeling quite a bit better so he’s just being a pill with all this bottled up energy and won’t leave his brother alone. The weather suuuucks! It’s overcast and kinda rainy. The forecast doesn’t look much better for the week either. I am so tired of winter! Uuugggghhhh. Thanks Monday. Bring on the coffee.

Or. Try this.

It’s Monday! A new week! Mondays always feel like a fresh start, don’t they? I am so thankful that I’m able to stay home and take care of my sick babe today. I could also use the extra rest as my body is fighting this crud off. It worked out great as I was able to get a really good guest teacher in my classroom and I know my students will have a great day. I’m also glad I brought my classroom laptop home because I can get started on my grades today during the boys’ rest time. I am so so thankful that Joshua woke up without a fever this morning. He is still pretty congested but his color looks so much better today and he’s already off the couch playing with his LEGOs. All good signs. I’m glad he has this day at home to rest and recover and hopefully he will be ready to go back to school tomorrow. I’m also grateful for an extra day at home. This weekend I spent a lot of time with Nathan watching the Bassmaster Classic and I didn’t get all of my chores done. Today I can finish the laundry and attack the house with Lysol. I will also have time to finally put away the winter decor and get out my spring/Easter stuff. I love decorating my house and am so thankful we have such a beautiful house to call a home. Grady is feeling better today, thank goodness, and he will be excited to help me get out the Easter decor.

Two very different pictures aren’t they? The facts behind both these pictures are EXACTLY the same. I’m home from work with a sick kid. But my perspective is completely different. My attitude is completely different. And this is what we do in our minds every single day, multiple times a day. Each day we can chose to make it positive or focus on the negative. We can use uplifting language in our self-talk or use words like “mundane” to bring our spirits down. Where do we start with positive self-talk? Gratitude. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. 

“Man, I get so tired of cleaning this house all the time.” 

Instead, focus on what you can be thankful for with cleaning the house. I am grateful for some extra time today to get caught up on the housework. I am so thankful that we live in this big house that we can comfortably afford. Once the house is clean it will feel so much better.

“I swear we’ve been sick for weeks around his house.” 

Yes, I could focus on this because it’s true. Or I could focus on the fact that we are all getting better. All 4 of us are in better shape today than we were 5 days ago. Joshua’s fevers are gone. Grady is full of energy and sleeping good. Nathan and I are both feeling a lot better than we were. I am so grateful that we are all overall healthy and our bodies are strong enough to fight off illness. In a few more days we will all feel even better than we do now!

“The weather suuuuucks.”

Like all winters it’s been a long one, but also like all winters, it has an end. In fact this week is the end of winter and the first day of spring is almost here! I am thankful that I can put my winter decor away and it’s already time to get out the Easter stuff! It’s not in the 20’s anymore. 50 degrees is so much better and it’s only going to get warmer from here on out.

Every day we have a choice. We chose the way we talk to ourselves. We chose the conversation we have in our mind. We can wallow. Or we can pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances. We can chose gratitude. We can thank God for all He’s given us. We can thank Him for another day.

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