If Pictures Could Talk. 4.

If pictures could talk these ones would tell you the boys caught influenza and it was awful!! Talk about #momguilt I never got them in for a flu shot! Joshua caught it first. I had come home from a great night at Bunco and around 11pm Joshua climbed into bed with me burning up! His skin was so hot. And that was the start to day after day of fevers that wouldn’t go away. Joshua was wiped out. He basically laid on the couch without eating much or moving much for 5 days. On day 5 Grady came down with a fever around 2:30pm in the afternoon. I was home with my boys for a week and it took Joshua 7 days before he started to feel better. Grady I was able to get into the doctor in time for Tamiflu and that helped him a lot. He wasn’t sick for near as long as Joshua.

I hate when my babies are sick and hearing of all the influenza deaths this year it was a very anxious time for this mama. I got a lot of cuddle in. Thank goodness we got through it and I will make sure we all get the flu shot every year!!

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