Christmas 2017

Let’s all start today, the 26th, with a big cleansing breath knowing that Christmas is over. I loved it this year with my boys, but it’s a lot. A month of build up and activities and prep and it was magical and unforgettable and I’m happy to be getting back to normal life.

Here’s a look back at our holiday!

I gave the boys their very own tree to decorate again this year and Grady was big enough to help.

Ohh my boy loves costumes so of course he put together this Santa suit and dressed up a bunch throughout the month. He had Grady sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas.

We had our Asotin Elementary K-3 Christmas concert. Joshua was so cute singing along to all his songs. He loved that Grandma and Grandpa, Daddy and Grady were all there to watch him. He’d look over at us and smile every time he finished a song.

We went and saw Santa! Grady was terrified at first but we got him to warm up to Santa and sit close enough to read a book with him and smile big for a picture. This pic is the best!

We got snow right before winter break. The boys were so excited for the first snow fall of the year and definitely set the scene for Christmas.

Charlie, our elf, brought the boys their first gingerbread house to decorate. They did a great job working on this together while drinking hot chocolate.

The first day of official winter break we decorated cookies!

And then Christmas Eve FINALLY came!! The boys waited sooo long. They couldn’t stand it anymore. This is the only picture I have from Christmas. I did have my video camera out and filmed Christmas morning and Santa reactions. But I don’t have any still shots. We had prime rib with Nathan’s parents Christmas Eve and a ham with my folks on Christmas Day. We ended Christmas cuddled up in our living room and watched Despicable M3. We all went to bed with thankful hearts. ❤️

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