Top 10 from 2017

Picking just 10 pictures to make the top 10 for 2017 was hard because there are so many great pictures and memories to choose from! So I don’t know if these are THE top 10 but they are 10 good ones!

Ten. Easter in CA

In April we were in Redding, CA at Lake Shasta for the B.A.S.S. Nation Western Regionals. Nathan had made the state team for Idaho and it was his first time at the regional level. We drove to CA with his parents and celebrated Easter at camp with the boys. The boys were so excited that the Easter Bunny was able to find us! An Easter to remember for sure.

Nine. Western Regionals

It was Nathan’s first time on the Bassmaster stage. Nathan fished the Nation Western Regionals on Lake Shasta. First time at a tournament at this competitive level and he placed 7th on the co-angler side!!! 7th out of…I can’t remember, around 100! He got 1st place on the Idaho team which qualified him for Nationals! We couldn’t believe it. I mean I knew he could but it’s fishing and even the best of the best get beat by the bass. I mean if you think about it, the sport of bass fishing is man vs. fish, a wild animal. It’s a very humbling sport. But Nathan did it and it was a huge high moment of our year!

Eight. My Tacoma

I have wanted a Toyota Tacoma since I was a teenager. But they are expensive and I never thought I’d be able to afford one. But this summer the money fell right and I was able to buy a 2017 Tacoma and I’m in love!!

Seven. Patio picnics

We spent so much time in our backyard this last spring/summer. We have a Green Mountain pellet grill and we would grill with the radio and a few beers while sitting in the sun. We’d set up the sprinklers and slip-n-slide for the boys and they’d play while waiting for dinner. Then we’d eat outside. Oh it was my favorite and I miss it already!! Come back summer!

Six. Summer fun

I just love this picture. It is so Grady! That boy loves life. We went to the park with some friends and he loved the water fountain. He punched the heck out of it!

Five. 2017 Skeeter ZX225

We got a new bass boat!!!! Our old bass boat broke down one too many times. It would break down on Nathan during tournaments and that was not okay! Then this last spring it broke down again and we didn’t get it back until July! So we didn’t have a boat all season and Nathan reached his breaking point with it. So when Nixon’s Marine gave him the trade-in value he needed to purchase new, he did! I am so excited for all the family fishing this boat will bring us.

Four. Grady Turned 3

Grady turned 3 and I love this picture. We have a threenager in the house and he’s every bit of the word. And also just as sweet and happy.

Three. Joshua Started Kindergarten

Joshua started school with me! I can’t believe my baby is in kindergarten already but I am so happy because he’s with me everyday at Asotin. I love being able to see him at school and this is a special school year for us for sure! We are both in Kindergarten together ❤️

Two. Joshua Shines< strong>

my boy is in kindergarten and he’s kicking butt at it! He ADORES his teacher, Mrs. Lathrop, and loves school. On this day he got two special recognitions. He got to take home Super Bee and Panther Cub Club! Super Bee chooses one friend that’s done a good job in class to spend the night with. Panther Cub Club is twice a month and students get recognized for doing their reading and being a good student. Joshua is doing so well both academically and socially in school and we are so proud of him.

One. My Family< strong>This picture was taken after Joshua’s Christmas concert and it’s one of my favorites because I just adore my family. The most important part of 2017 is that we are all healthy and happy! Can’t ask for more than that.

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