If Pictures Could Talk. 3

If pictures could talk this one would tell you that the boys were running around crazy and getting hollered at for being so loud (did I just make us sound like parents who yell at their kids for yelling? Oh because we are. Fault us. Raising boys isn’t for the faint of heart) and then they got really quiet. Too quiet. So Nathan checked on them to find them helping each other into matching costumes. I was cooking dinner and heard from the other room, “we are making a surprise for Mommy.” Then they came out of the room and they were SO excited to be matching. And it was so cute I just HAD to get a picture while the moment lasted. Remember I said I was cooking dinner? Well, when I went to take their picture my pot of milk boiled over…as in all over the stove! So then I had burning milk and a huge mess. As I was absorbing all this milk with paper towels I got one too close to the burner and lit the paper towel on fire. Oh what a disaster! I was so worried I just ruined all the excitement of the boys’ surprise for me and they wouldn’t let me take their picture anymore. But they still smiled big and this snapshot was taken. You would think looking at this picture it says it all. But it doesn’t. Not even close. Because when it comes to raising kids, behind every sweet little photo is a mom pulling her hair out.

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