Happy Halloween 2017

I created this blog post and then didn’t get around to finishing it.

Thing is, I’m the Grinch of Halloween. I do not like it. At all. I think it’s the dumbest holiday ever created. Next to Valentines Day. But at least Valentines Day is a great day to share the love. Halloween is about scary, yucky stuff. And how uncomfortable is it to ring someone’s door bell and ask them for candy? Very uncomfortable. And how rude are kids ringing your doorbell demanding candy without manners? Very rude. I sound like an old hag.  Haha!

Buuut I teach kindergarten and what many people don’t realize is teachers have mastered the art of acting. In my classroom I’m on stage everyday acting for my students so they think everyday is the best day ever! So I played along and dressed up with my teaching bestie as the kinder famous Koo Koo Kangaroo.

And the boys LOVED it! They were so excited to dress up and go trick or treating and I have to say it was fun to watch them. This year Joshua was Mario and Grady was a skeleton. I put face paint on him and then he was so afraid of his reflection I had to wash it off. Scaredy cat.

We just went around our neighborhood and then came home so the boys could hand out candy. We were all in bed on time so we’d be rested for the next day!

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