Weekend Recap • Winter Prep and Fevers

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. Joshua  had a fever and no energy on Friday so we stayed home from school so he could rest. I did a little cleaning and lots of cuddling with my sick boy.

Saturday was much the same. Joshua still had a low grade fever and was pretty quiet. We had a slow morning watching cartoons and I cooked breakfast sandwiches. Joshua seemed to be perking up some so we all headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Nathan winterized the camper while I got the yard ready for winter. I pulled out my tomato plant and annual flowers. I put my pots away and cut back my raspberry bush. I hate winter. I don’t want it to come. As I was putting my pots away I wanted it to be spring so I could plant them again!

After some time outside Joshua’s fever was back to 101 so we came back inside for more rest. Nathan made homemade French fries for dinner and I grilled up some hamburgers.

Sunday Joshua woke up without his fever and his giggle was back so I was hopeful he was on the mend. All 4 of us went to Walmart for some last minute Halloween stuff and groceries. Came home and had lunch while Nathan took a fishing rod down to the river in hopes of finding a fall feeding bass. No luck. When he got home I went out to my classroom to catch up after being gone Friday and get everything ready for a new week. I hate starting a week behind!

When I got back the boys and I carved their pumpkins in the beautiful sun outside.

Since Joshua has been sick all weekend we let him choose dinner and he chose grilled steak and mashed potatoes. So that’s what we had! Nathan cooked dinner for us and then we watched a movie. Joshua’s temp was back up to 100.

I just want him back to health. I hate when my babies are sick and I’m constantly worried about what’s going on inside their little body. Thankfully Grady hasn’t got it yet and fingers crossed he doesn’t!

And now here’s to a busy week! It’s Halloween week!

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