A 12 year old boy sat on the bank of the lake long after sunset with a fishing pole in hand. Cast after cast he’d wait for another bite. And another. And another. He was hooked.

That same boy at 17 years old watched fisherman, the Bassmaster Elites, cross the stage holding up impressive bass and make a living doing what he loved to do more than anything. He was hooked.

That boy grew to be a man who at 25 years old fished his first tournament. He felt the adrenaline and challenge of competitive bass fishing. He was hooked.

That man who had the spirit, drive, passion and obsession questioned, “Am I good enough? Could that be me?” And he went for it.

And the road wasn’t easy. The journey took time. But he made it. Oh he made it.

Tomorrow Nathan will fish, for the very first time, the B.A.S.S. Nation National Championship on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina. He will cross the same stage as Kevin VanDam. Edwin Evers. Gary Klein. Brandon Palaniuk. Guys he’s admired and watched fish over and over again on screen. Tomorrow Nathan gets to be on the other side of the live online stream. He gets to be one of the faces of Bassmaster. He gets to live it. A little boy’s dream come true. 

I am so emotional for him in the best way. My heart is bursting with pride and gratitude. Tomorrow my husband will fish against some of the best fisherman from across the country. And he is one of them. He’s earned his right to be there. He’s dedicated himself to the sport of bass fishing. He’s researched and prepped. Oh how many hours has he prepped?! He’s studied these fish and this body of water. He’s no average joe. 

Is he good enough? Damn right! Could he win it? You bet your ass he could!

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