10 on the 10th {October}

Each month I like to take 10 pictures from my day on the 10th of the month. Welll I was in a professional development meeting all day so I only ended up with 4 pictures. So I decided to post the last 10 pictures taken in my phone for this month’s post.

Last week our school had their annual Fund Run. It’s our one and only fundraiser and I’m always overwhelmed by the community support. I LOVE that Joshua is at Asotin with me. I get to experience all these fun school events as a teacher and a mom.

Joshua raised $200 for the Fund Run. I never expected the response from family and friends willing to sponsor him when I posted on Facebook so we had to send a big thank you!

The Harvest Moon this month was beautiful! Of course the camera on my phone couldn’t fully capture how awesome the moon was but this shot is pretty neat.

Our students had a goal of $30k as a school to bring in for the Fund Run and they brought in just shy of $38,000! Incredible! Since the students met their goal teachers had to come to school with crazy hair on Monday!

This is our fall kinder bulletin board at school this month. Oh I love it. The kids are given the same materials and the same directions but all their pumpkins come out so unique and I LOVE them! They also painted the fall leaves for the tree.

This finally brings us to the 10th. Like I said I was attending professional development for early learning teachers in Pasco, WA. I had to get up 1/2 hour earlier just so I could still follow my morning routine which is to sit with my coffee and a blanket while watching the morning news. Knowing that when I get up I get to drink my coffee and lounge on the couch for 30 minutes is what gets me out of bed in the mornings! 

I spent all day learning how to become a leader within my district and current math practices and what that looks like for young students. It was pretty good and I’m looking forward to these meetings this year.

On the way home we (I went with my 2 teaching partners) stopped by Dutch Bros for some coffee for the 2 hour drive. I’m noticing it takes a lot of coffee to get me through a day. Hehe.

I didn’t get home until after 6:30pm and I was so happy to see my boys. Joshua had checked out a book from the library so we read for his reading log and watched some tv together before I tucked them into bed.

And there’s the last 10 photos and what’s been going on in my world. Nathan leaves for South Carolina tomorrow for the BASS Nationals so tonight will be lots of family snuggles.

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