Weekend Recap • Tournament Prep and Cleaning

As I’ve said before, it’s hard to have a bad weekend. When you aren’t at work and with family life is pretty good. Of course I love my job and my classroom feels like my second home and my teacher tribe is my second family. But nothing beats home.

Friday nights have become pizza nights at our house. It’s the one food the boys are crazy about and just about the only time they will actually EAT with us at the dinner table. Most nights it’s Nathan and I eating while the boys pick at their food and only take 2 bites. I grabbed a Papa Murphy’s on the way home and threw it on the pellet grill. After dinner Joshua played with his Mario k’nex on the floor and Grady did…whatever it is that Grady does. He’s usually lost in 3 year old world which is a planet I’m fascinated by and terrified of all at the same time. Then it was the usually baths and bed and Nathan and I followed to bed quickly after. We can’t hang on Fridays. We’re all too exhausted from the week.

Saturday Nathan worked on packing for his trip all day. He has so much fishing gear he needs for the national tournament but only so much he can actually bring so he must choose wisely and this preparation has taken hours.

To give him a quiet house for a bit I took the boys grocery shopping with me. When we got back the boys played with toys and I attacked Grady’s room. It hadn’t been cleaned and organized in I don’t know how long and it was gross. It felt so much better when I was done!

Sunday was much the same as Saturday. More packing for Nathan and I attacked Joshua’s room this day. The boys were so content playing with their toys and doing their own thing.

We all slept in until after 7am both mornings which was much needed!! We cooked good meals and just hung out. It was a quiet weekend. A productive at home weekend.

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