Falling Into Autumn

I love decorating my house for the seasons. I get it from my mom and my grandma. I inherited a lot of my grandma’s holiday decor and I love pulling her pieces out throughout the year and remember seeing them in her home. Fall is my FAVORITE season to decorate.

My favorite part of our house is the fireplace and mantle. When we were looking for a new house to buy and stepped into this one the first thing to catch my eye was the fireplace and I fell in love. This is always where I start when I decorate.

When we bought this house the seller offered us this little table from Costco for $50. It’s perfect for the kids to eat at or work on crafts and still be in the living room with us and I love to put a centerpiece on it!

My mom gave me this small table for our entryway and another place I like to keep seasonal with some fun touches. I love flowers in my house!

My grandma made me a handful of table runners, one for each holiday, and I love them. They add a lot to the table and they were handmade by a pretty special lady. And of course sunflowers, my favorite as a fall centerpiece.

I found this sign at Walmart for $9.99 and had to have it for my kitchen!

And my chalkboard sign in the kitchen is also super fun to change every month or so! Here is what it looks like right now.

The boys also love when I get the holiday decor out because there is always a little something for them. I don’t let my kids touch or play with my breakables so I like to have a few things they can play with it. The holidays are fun for them too!!

That’s our fall home!

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