The Little Things • 2

Last night was one of those really great nights with my family. Not because we did anything super fun or out of the ordinary. We just stayed home and had a typical night at home but it was full of smiles and laughter.

I had a pretty stressful day at work and likely Nathan did too. But once the family was all together around the dinner table it melted all the stress away.

Grady got a car station set for his birthday that came in a bunch of pieces and needed to be put together. When we got home from school yesterday Joshua grabbed the box and directions and started putting it together all by himself while I cooked dinner. He’s never attempted anything like this before but I knew he couldn’t hurt the toy so I let him go for it and do his thing.

It was so cute to watch him work…he’d suck in the sides of his cheeks as he screwed pieces together. When Nathan got home he looked over the directions and realized Joshua was doing it exactly right! Joshua is a huge words of afffirmation guy so he just beamed as we praised him for a job well done and being impressed with his efforts. He worked on that guy for an hour and a half!

At dinner we talked about his project and other projects, like LEGO sets, he could try. We all talked happily and Nathan made the boys laugh hard like he often does. My family is so beautiful and little things like nights like this are what it’s all about.

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