We Celebrate Grady

This year Grady’s Birthday was really fun because he reached the age where he starts to get it. I think the whole birthday idea was still pretty abstract to him until his actual party. Even though I had decorated the house the night before so he could wake up to a birthday surprise he still didn’t act too excited.

Then when Grandma and Grandpa brought him home and all his grandparents showed up that’s when I think this birthday thing became real to him. He wanted a bug birthday theme so I made sure to add some bugs for him.

I went for a cheap, easy, yet delicious way to feed a whole group of people. We had a baked potato bar with chili, sausages and green salad. Grady loves chili so I think it was a win for him too. 

After dinner Grady got to open his presents. He got to be center stage and loved the attention. Right before he opened his very first present all eyes are on him and it’s quiet because it’s the first one and he farts. And he’s a boy so of course this was hilarious to him! And Joshua was right there and he busted up laughing so then everyone else started laughing and we all laughed for a good 5 minutes and it was so dang cute. 

And I’m not sure why because it isn’t a common phrase for him but Grady kept saying, “what the heck?!” each time he saw what was inside the gift wrap. But dang it if it wasn’t cute! Grady’s personality is just cute. Adorable. I don’t know how else to describe him.

Over the weekend Nathan and I were in Spokane so we went to Toys R Us and we found this really neat toy chain saw. It makes the chainsaw sound when you pull the trigger and it lights up and vibrates. We knew Grady would love it and were so excited for him to open it. As we had predicted it was his favorite gift!

Our boys was spoiled and I love that he got to be the center of attention. Ya know big brothers and first borns are really good at stealing the show but Joshua stayed to the side and was SO good about letting it be Grady’s day. That sweet big brother even made a ladybug costume to wear to the bug party for his little brother and I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful of him to want to contribute in some way.

Then it was time for cake and icecream!

He was so shy when we all started singing happy birthday and kept his face down. He wouldn’t look at anyone while we were singing.

But he dove right in when it came to blow out his candles!

Our good friend, Tina, who is very much like an aunt to the boys came over for cake and brought Grady a present. I love that she loves my boys! 

Grady had the best night and it filled my heart to see so much love poured into such a sweet boy! ❤️

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