Weekend Recap • Husband and Wife Weekend

Cheers to a great freaking weekend!!

When it comes to weekends they are all good, but I especially enjoyed this one. Friday after school I dropped Joshua off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house so the boys could head to the cabin for the weekend. They were so excited! I love that they will always have these special memories of the cabin with their grandparents.

With no kids, Nathan and I had a date night! We went to Red Lobster which seriously never disappoints. I love their New York steak and shrimp!

Saturday morning we woke up on our own terms. Man how sacred sleeping in is after you have kids. We slept until 7am! Normally boys have me up by 6am every weekend. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then we headed up to CDA/Spokane for some shopping.

Our first stop was Becker’s Tackle, a bass fisherman’s paradise. This tackle shop is strictly bass and its wall to wall lined with tackle. Nathan was able to stock up on some stuff he will need for the B.A.S.S. Nation national championship in a few weeks!

Next stop was Cabelas. I really wanted to find Grady a cool wooden toy gun for his birthday, but no luck. We checked out the bass tank and I was kinda wishing the boys were with us because they would have loved it!

By this time we were starved so we decided on lunch. Nathan has never been to Olive Garden before, I know right? So that’s where we went. Of course it was delicious and Nathan loved it. I knew he would. He had the chicken alfredo and I had the garlic chicken flatbread. It’s an app but I order as a main dish. SO good! I’ve tried to replicate at home because it looks so simple but never can. They must have crack as their secret ingredient.

Meanwhile the boys were having a blast at the cabin! I got this text from Grandma.

By this time we still hadn’t found a birthday present for Grady so we made one last stop to Toys R Us. This place is what kids dreams are made of!

For Grady we landed in the “tool” section and found all these really cool toy tools. We ended up getting him a chainsaw that lights up and makes noise and he’s going to love it! We also got him a tool belt full of toy tools. Mr. Fix-it. I can see it already. Before we left we found a Mario Bros aisle that Joshua would have lost his mind over. I found a Christmas gift for him and am so excited for him because it’s going to be his favorite gift. It might have to be from Santa, it’s that magical!

Then we headed for home and it was a beautiful drive home. I just rode along and soaked up the views.

Sunday morning we slept in again! This time until almost 8am! The windows were open and it was raining outside. The breeze and the rain and the quiet house was heavenly. But I missed my boys pretty badly at this point. Nathan and I had a great day together but now it was time to fill our house again. First I wanted to get my grocery shopping done kid-free and as quick as possible. (I hate grocery shopping!)

I got home and got everything unloaded just before the boys got home from the cabin. We spent the afternoon just hanging out together. I got my fall decor up finally. Here’s a sneak peak. Watch for this home tour post another day.

What a great weekend and I am so blessed! ❤️

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