Weekend Recap • Winter Prep and Fevers

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. Joshua  had a fever and no energy on Friday so we stayed home from school so he could rest. I did a little cleaning and lots of cuddling with my sick boy.

Saturday was much the same. Joshua still had a low grade fever and was pretty quiet. We had a slow morning watching cartoons and I cooked breakfast sandwiches. Joshua seemed to be perking up some so we all headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Nathan winterized the camper while I got the yard ready for winter. I pulled out my tomato plant and annual flowers. I put my pots away and cut back my raspberry bush. I hate winter. I don’t want it to come. As I was putting my pots away I wanted it to be spring so I could plant them again!

After some time outside Joshua’s fever was back to 101 so we came back inside for more rest. Nathan made homemade French fries for dinner and I grilled up some hamburgers.

Sunday Joshua woke up without his fever and his giggle was back so I was hopeful he was on the mend. All 4 of us went to Walmart for some last minute Halloween stuff and groceries. Came home and had lunch while Nathan took a fishing rod down to the river in hopes of finding a fall feeding bass. No luck. When he got home I went out to my classroom to catch up after being gone Friday and get everything ready for a new week. I hate starting a week behind!

When I got back the boys and I carved their pumpkins in the beautiful sun outside.

Since Joshua has been sick all weekend we let him choose dinner and he chose grilled steak and mashed potatoes. So that’s what we had! Nathan cooked dinner for us and then we watched a movie. Joshua’s temp was back up to 100.

I just want him back to health. I hate when my babies are sick and I’m constantly worried about what’s going on inside their little body. Thankfully Grady hasn’t got it yet and fingers crossed he doesn’t!

And now here’s to a busy week! It’s Halloween week!


A 12 year old boy sat on the bank of the lake long after sunset with a fishing pole in hand. Cast after cast he’d wait for another bite. And another. And another. He was hooked.

That same boy at 17 years old watched fisherman, the Bassmaster Elites, cross the stage holding up impressive bass and make a living doing what he loved to do more than anything. He was hooked.

That boy grew to be a man who at 25 years old fished his first tournament. He felt the adrenaline and challenge of competitive bass fishing. He was hooked.

That man who had the spirit, drive, passion and obsession questioned, “Am I good enough? Could that be me?” And he went for it.

And the road wasn’t easy. The journey took time. But he made it. Oh he made it.

Tomorrow Nathan will fish, for the very first time, the B.A.S.S. Nation National Championship on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina. He will cross the same stage as Kevin VanDam. Edwin Evers. Gary Klein. Brandon Palaniuk. Guys he’s admired and watched fish over and over again on screen. Tomorrow Nathan gets to be on the other side of the live online stream. He gets to be one of the faces of Bassmaster. He gets to live it. A little boy’s dream come true. 

I am so emotional for him in the best way. My heart is bursting with pride and gratitude. Tomorrow my husband will fish against some of the best fisherman from across the country. And he is one of them. He’s earned his right to be there. He’s dedicated himself to the sport of bass fishing. He’s researched and prepped. Oh how many hours has he prepped?! He’s studied these fish and this body of water. He’s no average joe. 

Is he good enough? Damn right! Could he win it? You bet your ass he could!

Weekend Recap • A Weekend without Daddy


Nathan made it safe and sound to South Carolina. He made it to Anderson and got settled into his hotel room.

The boys and I still had our Friday pizza night/movie night. I ordered pizza from Southway Pizzeria and we put on our pjs. Settled in for the night and watched “Boss Baby.” We got to FaceTime with daddy before he went to bed.


Oh man we were lazy on Saturday! I don’t feel too guilty about this because I think sometimes the boys just like to be at home with their toys and their stuff and like not having to go anywhere. We did get our Walmart grocery shopping done in the morning and then came back home to our lounge pants. We made some cookies and Joshua dipped his warm cookies in milk.

Then Joshua grabbed his iPad for some game time and Grady fell asleep in my lap. I watched Parenthood for 2 hours while Grady just slept on my lap. It was so awesome to rock my baby again.

Then we just hung out and I made dinner that we ate in the living room. The boys were in bed by 7:30 and I was right behind them. By 7:45pm I was in bed watching Parenthood.


A little more productive but still pretty easy-going. We went to Costco for a few things and then came home. I washed my pickup while the boys played in the yard. I made a big pot of taco soup and took some to my mom since she just had foot surgery. We sat in the hot tub for awhile before coming home.

I did some laundry and then played a couple rounds of Uno with Joshua.

Got to FaceTime with Nathan again and he sent a few pictures of Lake Hartwell where he’s fishing. He is having a good time and we miss him at home but we’re doing okay. ❤️

A Grateful Heart x10

Did you know that you can’t be grateful and stressed at the exact same time? That you can’t be in a state of gratitude and be fearful at the same moment? You can’t. 

Humans often talk about the “secret to a happy life.” It’s really simple. Be grateful. The great Tony Robbins will tell you to “turn your expectations into appreciations” and you’ll change your life. 

For the last year I’ve been working on my gratitude. To find what I can appreciate about each situation. Here’s an example. Nathan hit a deer driving to Spokane the other day. More like a deer hit him. The damn doe ran out into the road and tried to jump over his truck but ended up just bashing into the bed and busting out the rear window. I could stress about what this will cost us or all the hoops we have to jump through with the insurance company. But instead I chose to focus on how lucky Nathan was. The deer hit the back of the truck so Nathan wasn’t hurt in anyway. It broke a window and dented his truck but other than that the truck is fine and Nathan was able to finish his journey to Spokane and NOT miss his flight to South Carolina. It can be fixed and I am thankful we have insurance. And because of all this I’m not dwelling on it and know that when it’s all said and done it will just add to the story we’re creating.

I’ve chosen gratitude. It’s part of my every morning routine to focus on 3 things I’m grateful for. Tonight I’d like to write about 10 of them.


Coffee. Can we just take a moment to really appreciate coffee? The aroma. The caffeine boost. The cute mugs. I just am happy to wake up so that I can have a cup of coffee! 


Flowers. They just brighten up my life. I love flowers. I plant real ones in my yard and keep seasonal fake ones inside my home. Flowers make my heart smile and I’m just thankful for the beauty they bring into my life. (I’d like to also add that I’m super grateful for beautiful sunsets and summer evenings! So beautiful and hard to be unhappy when the sky is painted like this.)


Tacoma. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Tacoma but never thought I’d actually own one. They are overpriced and I just never saw myself being able to afford one. But I was able to get the money right and make it work and I got my brand new rig and I love it. After being broke down on the side of the road 3 times with the Rav I was always so anxious about driving. I am thankful for the peace of mind my new ride gives me. And it’s badass.


Kindergarten. I love what I do. LOVE my job. And it’s hard. People joke about how they don’t know how I do it but all jokes aside kindergarten really does test me, and sometimes overwhelm me, but I honestly love it. I am so grateful that I get to do something I love everyday for work. I am thankful for the purpose my job gives me and the bigger picture I’m serving.


Bass fishing. I am so thankful for bass fishing. It’s something that Nathan introduced me to and apart of our lives that I love. I love being on the water. I love the excitement of catching a bass. I love all of the cool tackle.  I love that our boys love bass fishing and it’s becoming something we can do together as a family. I love that Nathan’s competitive bass fishing has allowed us to travel and taken us to cool new places. I’m thankful that we have this part of our life!


Teacher Tribe. You know how they say it takes a village to raise children? Well, it takes a tribe to teach children. A huge part of why my job is so amazing is because I have an incredible tribe of teachers that care about each other, are invested in the lives of children and committed to do whatever it takes to make our school the best it can be. 


Jenna. Oh Jenna. I don’t know if she fully realizes the value she has brought to my life. She is my best friend. I have girl friends and some are really good friends. But Jenna is the first person to come into my life who is LIKE me. Who values the same things I do. Who has a lot of the same anxieties as I do. Who truly gets me because she’s so much like me. My other friends I’m grateful for but I’ve never been on the exact same page with anyone so something was always missing. I would confide in my husband how sad it made me that I didn’t have any close friends like he did. Because even though I had friends I just didn’t feel like I could be my authentic self with any of them. And then I met Jenna who is a mom and a wife and loves being at home with her family and commits most of her life to them. Like me! And she made me realize that I don’t have to feel guilty about that and I don’t have to be torn between my friends and my family but that family comes first and we can still be best friends even though we don’t have weekly girls nights. And I can cry to her and laugh with her and confide in her and she’s filled that void in my heart. And I don’t know if any of this has made sense to anyone reading but me but that’s okay because it’s my blog. I’m grateful for Jenna.


My boys. Oh the joy my children have brought to my life. I am thankful every single day God gave me such wonderful boys to love and raise. They are so good and healthy and beautiful. I’m full of gratitude to have them.

Date nights with a husband who makes my heart smile. Nathan and I have so much fun with each other. We get along really well and enjoy each other’s company and love our date nights together. I am so thankful to be so in love with my husband. 12 years going strong. 


My health. I do not take my good health for granted. I’m thankful every single day to be cancer free, disease free, pain free and a clean bill of health. My heart aches for so many fighting big battles just to get back to health. I am so so grateful to be healthy.

There are my ten for today.  But there are so many more. Fall scented candles. Coors Light. Yoga pants. My beautiful home. The money in my bank account. Our camper. My parents (all 4 of them!) My boys’ amazing and involved grandparents. My dog, Sage. Our huge backyard. The rain. Sunshine. The beach. Comfy blankets. I could go on and on because what’s right is all around you. You just have to look for the good and appreciate everything. ❤️


Motherhood is…Fun!

You always hear how hard parenting is. You hear how exhausted moms are and all about the privacy they don’t have. 

One thing people need to hear, because it’s never really talked about, is how much FUN being a mom is! Kids are hilarious. My boys make me laugh daily. Holidays are so much more fun with kids. I was such a grinch at Christmas time and now I enjoy the holidays with my kids so much. It’s fun to decorate for them and make special holiday  treats with them. It’s fun to do seasonal things like the pumpkin patch or driving around looking at Christmas lights. There is so much FUN in being a mom!

So many small things are so magical to kids that it just makes life fun to experience it with them. Their laughter and joy is contagious. ❤️

10 on the 10th {October}

Each month I like to take 10 pictures from my day on the 10th of the month. Welll I was in a professional development meeting all day so I only ended up with 4 pictures. So I decided to post the last 10 pictures taken in my phone for this month’s post.

Last week our school had their annual Fund Run. It’s our one and only fundraiser and I’m always overwhelmed by the community support. I LOVE that Joshua is at Asotin with me. I get to experience all these fun school events as a teacher and a mom.

Joshua raised $200 for the Fund Run. I never expected the response from family and friends willing to sponsor him when I posted on Facebook so we had to send a big thank you!

The Harvest Moon this month was beautiful! Of course the camera on my phone couldn’t fully capture how awesome the moon was but this shot is pretty neat.

Our students had a goal of $30k as a school to bring in for the Fund Run and they brought in just shy of $38,000! Incredible! Since the students met their goal teachers had to come to school with crazy hair on Monday!

This is our fall kinder bulletin board at school this month. Oh I love it. The kids are given the same materials and the same directions but all their pumpkins come out so unique and I LOVE them! They also painted the fall leaves for the tree.

This finally brings us to the 10th. Like I said I was attending professional development for early learning teachers in Pasco, WA. I had to get up 1/2 hour earlier just so I could still follow my morning routine which is to sit with my coffee and a blanket while watching the morning news. Knowing that when I get up I get to drink my coffee and lounge on the couch for 30 minutes is what gets me out of bed in the mornings! 

I spent all day learning how to become a leader within my district and current math practices and what that looks like for young students. It was pretty good and I’m looking forward to these meetings this year.

On the way home we (I went with my 2 teaching partners) stopped by Dutch Bros for some coffee for the 2 hour drive. I’m noticing it takes a lot of coffee to get me through a day. Hehe.

I didn’t get home until after 6:30pm and I was so happy to see my boys. Joshua had checked out a book from the library so we read for his reading log and watched some tv together before I tucked them into bed.

And there’s the last 10 photos and what’s been going on in my world. Nathan leaves for South Carolina tomorrow for the BASS Nationals so tonight will be lots of family snuggles.

Weekend Recap • Tournament Prep and Cleaning

As I’ve said before, it’s hard to have a bad weekend. When you aren’t at work and with family life is pretty good. Of course I love my job and my classroom feels like my second home and my teacher tribe is my second family. But nothing beats home.

Friday nights have become pizza nights at our house. It’s the one food the boys are crazy about and just about the only time they will actually EAT with us at the dinner table. Most nights it’s Nathan and I eating while the boys pick at their food and only take 2 bites. I grabbed a Papa Murphy’s on the way home and threw it on the pellet grill. After dinner Joshua played with his Mario k’nex on the floor and Grady did…whatever it is that Grady does. He’s usually lost in 3 year old world which is a planet I’m fascinated by and terrified of all at the same time. Then it was the usually baths and bed and Nathan and I followed to bed quickly after. We can’t hang on Fridays. We’re all too exhausted from the week.

Saturday Nathan worked on packing for his trip all day. He has so much fishing gear he needs for the national tournament but only so much he can actually bring so he must choose wisely and this preparation has taken hours.

To give him a quiet house for a bit I took the boys grocery shopping with me. When we got back the boys played with toys and I attacked Grady’s room. It hadn’t been cleaned and organized in I don’t know how long and it was gross. It felt so much better when I was done!

Sunday was much the same as Saturday. More packing for Nathan and I attacked Joshua’s room this day. The boys were so content playing with their toys and doing their own thing.

We all slept in until after 7am both mornings which was much needed!! We cooked good meals and just hung out. It was a quiet weekend. A productive at home weekend.

If Pictures Could Talk. 2.

If pictures could talk this one would tell you that my body thought it was pregnant which means my mind also thought I was pregnant. This picture would tell you that I had a positive pregnancy test about a week before it was taken and so my heart also thought I was pregnant.

Truth is, this picture didn’t know yet that I wasn’t actually pregnant. I had what doctors call a “blighted ovum” which means that an egg was fertilized but an embryo never developed. A gestational sac still developed so my body started preparing to support a baby. HCG levels rose and a pregnancy test read positive. 

This picture would tell you that at first I panicked. We weren’t even trying to have another baby. In fact we thought we were done. But Nathan was excited. He had thought about a third baby. And his excitement rubbed off on me and soon I started to get excited. Nathan was anxious about a miscarriage but I wasn’t really worried. I carried 2 full term babies and the last miscarriage was because of the IUD.  This picture was taken on mine and Joshua’s birthday and we kept the secret from the family all night. The boys didn’t know and we hadn’t wanted to tell our parents yet. Nathan wanted to give it a little more time.  

If pictures could talk this one would tell you that my body now knew the truth…that it was a false pregnancy and a baby never formed. This picture would tell you that I was holding on extra tight to my boys and trying to focus on what I was grateful for. Inside I was crying over losing something I never had. This picture was taken 2 weeks after my birthday. I was hours away from telling our parents about the pregnancy when I found the first blood. And now days after knowing the truth I was still bleeding and no one really knew about it. I just went about my days and kept going on with life as normal. This picture would tell you I didn’t even feel close to normal. I felt sad, mad, frustrated, embarrassed, pain (physically and emotionally.) Nathan didn’t like talking about it because he’s a man and a man wants to fix things and when there are things that can’t be fixed then there’s no use carrying on about them. I felt alone. I was putting on a good front. This picture was taken and posted to social media and to everyone else it looked like a mama and her boy happy snuggling together. My act was working. But the picture knew the truth.

**I am in a much better place now than I was when this picture was taken and have found peace in trusting God’s plan for me and my family.**

Falling Into Autumn

I love decorating my house for the seasons. I get it from my mom and my grandma. I inherited a lot of my grandma’s holiday decor and I love pulling her pieces out throughout the year and remember seeing them in her home. Fall is my FAVORITE season to decorate.

My favorite part of our house is the fireplace and mantle. When we were looking for a new house to buy and stepped into this one the first thing to catch my eye was the fireplace and I fell in love. This is always where I start when I decorate.

When we bought this house the seller offered us this little table from Costco for $50. It’s perfect for the kids to eat at or work on crafts and still be in the living room with us and I love to put a centerpiece on it!

My mom gave me this small table for our entryway and another place I like to keep seasonal with some fun touches. I love flowers in my house!

My grandma made me a handful of table runners, one for each holiday, and I love them. They add a lot to the table and they were handmade by a pretty special lady. And of course sunflowers, my favorite as a fall centerpiece.

I found this sign at Walmart for $9.99 and had to have it for my kitchen!

And my chalkboard sign in the kitchen is also super fun to change every month or so! Here is what it looks like right now.

The boys also love when I get the holiday decor out because there is always a little something for them. I don’t let my kids touch or play with my breakables so I like to have a few things they can play with it. The holidays are fun for them too!!

That’s our fall home!

The Little Things • 2

Last night was one of those really great nights with my family. Not because we did anything super fun or out of the ordinary. We just stayed home and had a typical night at home but it was full of smiles and laughter.

I had a pretty stressful day at work and likely Nathan did too. But once the family was all together around the dinner table it melted all the stress away.

Grady got a car station set for his birthday that came in a bunch of pieces and needed to be put together. When we got home from school yesterday Joshua grabbed the box and directions and started putting it together all by himself while I cooked dinner. He’s never attempted anything like this before but I knew he couldn’t hurt the toy so I let him go for it and do his thing.

It was so cute to watch him work…he’d suck in the sides of his cheeks as he screwed pieces together. When Nathan got home he looked over the directions and realized Joshua was doing it exactly right! Joshua is a huge words of afffirmation guy so he just beamed as we praised him for a job well done and being impressed with his efforts. He worked on that guy for an hour and a half!

At dinner we talked about his project and other projects, like LEGO sets, he could try. We all talked happily and Nathan made the boys laugh hard like he often does. My family is so beautiful and little things like nights like this are what it’s all about.