Motherhood is…Fearing the Worst.

Case in point: the other day I was watching tv and Grady was playing solo in another room. I thought he was in my bedroom when I heard a loud thud followed by a loud scream and then silence. I ran into my room and Grady wasn’t there. The house was still quiet and my heart hit my throat as I immediately thought, “oh my God he’s unconscious!” I began pleading, “Grady!” and running from room to room in pure panic. I finally found him in Joshua’s room on the floor. He had fallen off the bed and was fine. 

My adrenaline was surging. Immediately my mind went to the worst. That I’d be calling 911 to save my son. I can’t count how many times my mother mind has done this to me. My biggest fear is that something terrible could happen to my babies. So sometimes my mind fears the worst when it’s only something little.

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