The Little Things

Years ago when my babies were babies I started writing posts about the little things. We know all the quotes and sayings about how it’s the little things in life that matter the most. To me it’s that these little stages, phases and cute little quirks with my boys are so temporary (they grow too fast!) that I’m very likely to forget them. I wanted to start documenting them so years from now I can read about all the cute, sweet, weird things my boys have said and done.

Grady LOVES music. He loves it and has ever since he was a baby. When he was tiny he always bobbed his head along to the music on the radio while riding in the car. These days he not only bobs along, he sings along. When we are driving in the car and a country song comes on that he likes he will start singing along and it’s crazy how many words he knows. He sings with the quietest, sweetest little voice I’ve ever heard. It’s one of my favorites and a great reason to hop in the car and take a drive with Grady. I could listen to that cute voice sing along to the radio all day long. ❤️

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