Caution: Threenager in Training

The dreaded threenager is coming. Grady will be three years old in a few weeks and whoever said the “terrible twos” never met a three. Three’s demand control over their little life. They will fuss and shout when you don’t offer your help and then yell at you for trying to help them. Everything is I CAN DO IT but only when they feel like it. A threenager wants life on their terms and tests every boundary given. Sounds like a teenager doesn’t it? (I have to remind myself that while this age is hard it’s all small problems compared to the hard stuff teenagers go through!)

Grady has a secret weapon though and he doesn’t fight fair…his eyes.

Whenever Grady pushes his limit and I get stern with him, or even show some frustration with him, he turns his sweet little voice on and says, “I’m a good boy mommy??” Then he looks at me with those eyes…damn it. He wins.

And he has the cutest personality! Grady knows how to divert my cranky mood with sillyness. 

Grady randomly hugs me. “I love you mommy.” Kid fights dirty.

Yes, 3 is coming on October 3rd. I am excited for all that is to come for Gray…a big boy bed, preschool, keeping up with his brother. All while learning how to be respectful when things don’t go our way and being kind. 😉 

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