Joshua James Goes to Kindergarten 

Our first born started kindergarten this year. And I am SO blessed because he’s attending kindergarten at my favorite school with my favorite teacher and is right next door to me! So we got to experience his first day of real school together.

Joshua LOVES kindergarten! Loves it. He adores his teacher, Mrs. Lathrop, and is a happy, confident little student. He is making lots of friends and I know he’s going to learn so much this year. I am so excited to watch him grow this year and am cherishing all 180 days of this special time in our life. 

Kindergarten is full day at our school and I thought he would come home just completely wiped but he’s a trooper! By Friday night we have a few meltdowns as he’s worn out from a long week. 

His favorite part of his day is rest time. Mrs. Lathrop reads aloud from a chapter book as the kids lay on a towel on the floor and they just love it! I totally thought this would be Joshua’s most dreaded part of the day. He’s constantly surprising me. 

He’s told me he has a friend named Clay but the kid is a ladies man and mostly talks about the girls. He loves Lindy, Myla, Marlee and Andi. Little stud. 

Today is day 16/180. The year is already passing too quickly!!

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