Coloring Contest

The boys are entering their first coloring contest! Cool but worth a blog post you’re wondering?


Joshua wouldn’t even think about coloring until just very recently. He hated it. Didn’t have the attention span for it and I worried about what school would be like for him because of it. But a few weekends ago I printed some Super Mario Bros coloring sheets off the internet and he colored for hours!

Nathan was really into coloring as a kid and remembers entering contests so he picked up some coloring pages from Sportsman’s Warehouse for Joshua and Grady. Joshua got really into it and took his time adding detail and coloring in the lines. Grady spent a little time on it but he’s 2 and has a lot to do! 

Fills our hearts to see him work so hard on something other than running around screaming. Ha! Wait, I’m serious. 

Fingers crossed we have some winners! They are both winners in my book!

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