Some Days Are Hard

You never see the hard days on the highlight reel (social media platforms.) Yesterday on Facebook you might have seen a picture of Grady looking cute with Sage or me laughing at Grady’s meltdown on Snapchat like it’s all fun and games. 

But let’s be real for a minute and let me tell you about everything that happened behind the scenes yesterday. I was exhausted. Not physically. Emotionally. Exhausted of my children never being content. Exhausted from the constant rebuttals. I give and give to my kids daily and sometimes it’s never good enough. 

“I didn’t want my sandwich cut in half!”

“Mooom I said JUST peanut butter!”

“No not those shoes!”


For once I just wanted to get through our day with…

“Thank you”

“Okay mommy”

Just one day of being content and no push backs. I didn’t have any patience left with my kids and I used harsh tones behind my words. I did my chores and didn’t play with my kids. I didn’t sit or cuddle with my kids. Because truth be told I didn’t want to be in the same room as my kids. Sometimes those little humans are not nice.

That’s real life. That’s motherhood whether other moms are posting the truth or not. It’s not always perfect.

The good news is that day is behind us. I tucked my kids into bed, sang to them, kissed their faces and told them how much I love them. Because I love them fiercely. I got the much needed sleep my body craved and today I will do it better. I will be more patient. I will love more unconditionally. ❤️

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