Chore Chart Update

This summer we started Joshua’s first chore chart. You can read about how this was born here.

Just under a month later and Joshua is SO close to reaching his 100 points!


And it has gone really well. Joshua still cares about earning his points and, for the most part, wants to do his chores. He has been feeding the dog for over a year now so that chore has just become part of his day and he always does it. If he does need a reminder he always responds, “Okay!” and does it right away without complaint.

Clearing the table section should actually say “Misc chores” because he gets points in that column for doing little extra chores that Dad and I ask of him. He is always happy to do a chore for his points when he ask him to and never fights us on it.

He will pick up the dog poop if Nathan and/or I are outside working in the yard. Then he is happy to help out with us. He’s also gone out a few times on his own to pick up after Sage.

Making his bed and cleaning his room…well…

…yeah. These are the chores we’ve received the most push back from. He doesn’t always want to clean his room or make his bed anymore. I will remind him that he will earn more points and he’ll say, “that’s okay I will do it later.” Nathan and I haven’t talked about our plan for this but Joshua still cleans his room a couple times a week so at 5 years old I’m okay with that.

Joshua is really excited to be so close to his goal. We got on Amazon so he could start choosing which track pack he wanted. He picked out this building set:

Last night he asked his dad what will happen when his chart is all done and Nathan responded, “You will start a new chart!” Joshua’s voice fell a bit when he responded with, “Oh.”

I piped in, “And you’ll get to choose something new to earn.”

Ear to ear grin with that. “OKAY!”

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