Summer Rut

It happens every summer. I get too much time off and start to fall into a rut and become bored. This boredom leads to laziness and not wanting to do anything productive. Laziness leads to guilt which leads to cranky. In fact, you can read about last year’s summer rut here.

I wake up each morning and my first thought is, “What are we going to do today?” I want to do fun things for the boys but yet the rut leaves me lacking energy to do anything. I get SO tired of cleaning the house! I’m constantly doing laundry, making meals & snacks, washing the dishes, picking up after the boys and acting as a referee to a handful of fights. Day after day.

Which means it’s time for a focus check. I need to change my focus. I am so fortunate to have all this time with my boys. Our mornings together are priceless. Full of cartoons, chocolate milk, coffee, cuddles, and taking our time to get moving. We get a lot of time to swim and play at park dates. I get down time almost every afternoon for iced tea and Netflix while the boys rest. I can cook dinner creatively and casually as I have all the time I need. None of these things are possible during the school year.

I also have TIME. How often do you hear the complaints of not enough time? Well, now I have all this extra time and I’m grouchy about it? Come on sister! Reality check. I’ve decided to make a July goal list of all the things I want to accomplish with this extra time.

Organize hallway closets: the closets drive Nathan CRAZY! He always gives me a hard time for just shoving things in a closet and shutting the door. Out of sight, out of mind is my motto! But really, I need to clean up the closets because they are a disgusting mess.

Organize boys’ clothes: ugh, it makes me so sad every time I have to go through the boys’ clothes and take out all of the pieces that are too small. It is especially sad to go through Grady’s clothes because I know that the bin they go into are to be given away. With Joshua’s clothes I know they are being put away until Grady can wear them someday. And I love pulling out a new box of Joshua’s old clothes for Grady because I can remember Joshua in them. But I get tears in my eyes getting rid of my baby clothes.

Study Unit 1 of new reading curriculum: our school adopted a brand new reading curriculum and I’d really like to get a good grasp of the first unit BEFORE the craziness of back to school hits.

Go to my classroom at least twice: I’d also really like to get out to my classroom a couple of times to start making my to-do lists and begin organizing. This will take away a lot of my August stress.

Eat clean for 4 days: I’ve made a plan to eat clean so many times and then I ALWAYS cheat! I am determined to eat super clean for 4 days in a row to assess how I feel when all the junk is cleaned out.

There are my goals. Writing them down and sharing them with others are the first steps in accomplishing them. I already feel the rut disappearing. 🙂

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