My Green, err…I mean, Black Thumb

Every summer I say, “This is the year I’m going to grow some shit and not kill anything.” And every summer by August everything is dead. I put in a really good effort but I just can’t keep up with everything. Every plant needs something different. Lots of water, little water, too much sun, not enough sun, clip this, trim that, fertilize this. And I can’t keep it all straight so I treat all my plants the same and eventually they all lack something and die.

So, here we ago again. I planted jalapenos for Nathan. All by themselves in a pot. I read online that jalapenos do well in a pot. So fingers crossed with these.

I also planted some strawberries for the boys. My moms are doing really well in a pot at her house. We have one almost ready to pick!

And I put two early girl tomatoes in my big barrell.

But I’m already annoyed because the ONE tomato I have has this ring around the middle and I’m worried there’s something wrong.  I did read that with tomatoes you should clip all the extra stems and leaves below the first bloom so save energy for the fruit so I did that and a few days later like 5 new blooms came on. We’ll see if I ever actually get to harvest a ripe tomato.

My flowers…well, it’s frickin hot! I’m making sure to water every morning and check them again in the afternoon with our 100+ degree temps.

I LOVE our backyard this summer. Nathan’s dad generously trimmed a bunch of our stuff back for us this spring. It really helped things out.

The front yard is looking pretty good as well. SO much better after things got a good haircut.

It’s time for another trip to the Home Depot for some more weed killer. I’m slowly learning this yard work stuff. 😉

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