Another Trip to Brownlee Resevoir 


We took our third trip to Brownlee Resevoir on the Snake River in southern Idaho. It really is beautiful there in it’s own way, or maybe my love for the water just sees the beauty in it anywhere there’s water. This was the view from our camp site for 3 days. But let me back up.

We headed for Riggins Wednesday afternoon when Nathan got off work. I love his new schedule because he is home by 3:30pm every day leaving us so much time in the late afternoons/evenings. We drove to Lucile (right before Riggins) and camped along the Salmon river. We loved this first spot because we could hear the roaring river and the kids had wide open space to run and ride their bikes.

Thursday morning we stopped in Riggins to have breakfast at the River Rock Cafe. The Tumelson cousins live in Riggins and one of Nathan’s 2nd cousins manages this yummy cafe right there in town. So we had a good breakfast and was able to briefly visit with some family. Then we hit the road again for Brownlee. We camp at Woodhead campground and they operate on first come, first serve. It’s always a little nerve-racking for us driving in with no idea where we’ll be able to camp. But as luck would have it we managed to snag one of our favorite spots on the lake!

The boys were excited to check out our new place to explore. Last time we were there Grady was a baby and Joshua was 3.

Thursday night after dinner the boys fished. They didn’t even get a bite which is always a bummer for any fisherman but especially little boys with high hopes.



Friday was the first day of the bass tournament! This is a special tournament because it is a qualifying tournament for the BASS Nation state team. Guys from all over the state of Idaho compete to represent the state at regionals. While Nathan fished we hung out at camp with Grandma and Grandpa. And we had some visitors! Nathan’s nieces came with their kids so the boys had cousins to play with. Nathan’s sister, Susie, also joined us. The kids had fun playing with water guns until we decided we all needed wet so we went to the water to swim.



All that swimming and playing really wears a guy out!


After a little rest it was time for weigh-in! I love the excitement of watching all those bass boats race in.

The fishing was TOUGH! The guys really struggled to scoop up +12 inch bass (the legal minimum length) And when the best of the best struggle you know the fishing is really tough. BUT Nathan made it happen and ended the day in 10th place making the cut line for the state team. He had another day to seal the deal.

Saturday was another beautiful day and another day to get head to toe dirty for the boys. They LOVE camping!


Joshua went down to the lake to fish with Aunt Susie while Grady had an afternoon rest.


Then it was time for the final weigh-in. Oh the nerves every time! Nathan had a little bit better day and came in with a limit (3 bass for non-boaters.)

All the guys weighed in and we waited for the state team announcement. This was a nail biter because we just weren’t confident enough to know for sure if Nathan had made the cut…. HE DID IT! Nathan made the 2018 Idaho BASS Nation team and is headed back to regionals next April!


10 boaters and 10 non-boaters make up the Idaho team. Our good friends Harrison and Denton, as well as Nathan’s new friend Mark that he fished with Saturday, all made the team so we are excited for them as well.

The sun set on the lake with smiles and happy hearts that night.

Sunday we headed for home. It was a great trip. It felt like the first summer trip as we finally experienced plenty of sun and swimsuits. Now it’s time for clean-up!

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