Grady Dean

When Nathan and I decided to have another baby it was because we wanted Joshua to have a sibling. Knowing what I know now if I could have asked specifically for Grady Dean, I would have asked God every night.  I knew that I would have 2 boys. Don’t ask me how I knew, I guess I just felt it through the Universe. What I couldn’t have imagined is just how beautiful this boy would be.


Grady was our easy-going baby that is our easy-going toddler, as easy-going as a toddler can be that is. He is surely a toddler. He strives for his independence and fights for his way. But when it comes to correction Grady hates to get in trouble.

What is he into? His brother. Monkey see, monkey do. Grady loves everything Joshua loves. Does everything Joshua does. Wants everything Joshua wants. He adores his big brother! Grady wants to be near his brother as much as possible and misses him so much whenever they are apart. Even if Joshua sleeps in Grady wants to go wake his playmate up. Oh can they fight, and Grady can hit, but he is always quick to apologize with a hug.

Grady adores his daddy and always has. He’s always cuddled with his dad in the recliner and loves to follow him around.

Grady loves to eat and will eat almost anything you put on his plate. He is very un-toddlerlike that way. He will eat whatever I cook for dinner. He loves my spaghetti, chili, chicken tortilla soup, rice, even spicy food. When he was a babe he skipped the purees and went straight for the real stuff! I never could get him to eat rice cereal or mashed up crap. Even when I tried making my own baby food he wanted nothing to do with it. He wanted the good stuff from the time he started to ditch the milk.

Grady is so sweet. He has the littlest voice that pronounces the biggest words. He has been talking like a 3 year old since he was 18 months old. He is a good listener and will follow any direction you give him. He is loving and cuddly.


Grady loves to laugh. He loves to be silly and laugh with others. He makes us all laugh on the daily. The cutest little personality this one.

We are also discovering that Grady is athletic. He picked up a bat and a ball one night in the backyard and just started hitting the ball all over the yard. He learned how to cast a fishing pole in one day and by day two was casting across the entire backyard. He has really good gross motor for his age (and really good fine motor as well I might note.) He loves to run and be outside all the time. He would be outside from the time he woke up until the time I forced him to bed if he could.

He is ours and we are so blessed Grady is the one to complete our family of 4. He fills my heart in his own special way. My blue-eyed boy. ❤

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