Weekend at the Cabin

Nathan’s parents have a cabin on Dworshak Reservoir. The neatest part of the cabin is that Nathan’s parents built it from the ground up all by themselves. Nathan was the boys’ age when they built the cabin and spent so much of his childhood there. We love the cabin for many reasons. For starters, it’s beautiful there! This is the view from the back deck.

They own around 12 acres. This is where Nathan and I got married. Another reason I love the cabin. It has special memories for me, too.

Saturday morning the boys woke up and were so happy to see the sun.  Nathan and his dad went bass fishing out on the lake. The boys couldn’t wait to get outside but Grandma and I had coffee to drink first and we kept telling them to let things dry out before we hiked around in the bushes. They couldn’t stop asking to go out. Exploring is their favorite at the cabin. So we finally got dressed and were outside before 8am. The first thing we did was hike some trails.


After all that walking the boys were ready for lunch by 9:30am. Ha! The cabin is special because you can totally do things like eat pizza on the deck in the morning.

By Noon Grady was ready for a nap and I got to take one with him. I never nap so it was a treat to relax. After nap time we were back outside for the rest of the afternoon. Joshua loves rolling down the grass hill and Grady loves doing whatever his brother does.

Nathan and Grandpa got back from fishing early enough that they could join in on the fun, too. The boys loved being pulled around by the lawn mower in this wagon.

Nathan got out the pellet and .22 guns.  Joshua got to shoot a gun for the first thing (with dad’s help of course) and he thought that was pretty cool. I’m bummed I didn’t get a picture of it.

After that the boys got out the golf clubs and hit some balls.

After dinner it was back out by the fire for some smores. This is the first time the boys have experienced smores and they were a hit! Grady loved them and ate 2. So much food fits into that tiny body.

Sunday we woke up for breakfast, gave Father’s Day gifts and then headed for home. It’s such a relaxing and fun little getaway whenever we go to the cabin. We spend most Thanksgivings there and plenty of time in hunting season but I extra love it in the summer. It’s so green and pretty and fun to spend all our time outside. The boys are never ready to leave. They LOVE it up there, too!

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