Motherhood is…Frustration.

Yes, it’s not all beautiful. Sometimes motherhood is so dang frustrating! Sometimes I just want some time to myself. I’m not even asking for a lot people. I just want to go down into my basement for 40 minutes and workout. All by myself. Daddy is upstairs with the boys. Joshua and Grady should be able to play together or watch TV for half an hour and go to their dad if they want something. They SHOULD be able to do this. Instead they won’t stop coming down into the basement and getting in my way or fighting or getting into something they aren’t supposed to. So I have to pause my workout constantly to break up fights or try to get them involved in something other than me. Finally I just push “stop” and give up because it’s much too frustrating trying to get my workout in.

When Grady finally naps we get some quiet time in the house. I just want to sit down and meal plan, or blog or fold some laundry. Joshua SHOULD be able to entertain himself for a little bit, right? This is Joshua’s time to play with toys that have tiny pieces or build something and not have to worry about his little brother knocking it down. Joshua can play and not have to share anything! But that doesn’t happen. Joshua will not play by himself. Instead he just follows me around the house. He crawls all over me and won’t leave me alone. And I gotta tell ya, it’s frustrating sometimes. I do A LOT for my kids and sometimes just need them to entertain themselves for 30 freaking minutes. A mama needs some time to herself!

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