W O W! 2016, you were goooooood to us! I love even numbers. We always have the best years on even number years. 2010 I graduated college and we were married. 2012 we had Joshua. 2014 we had Grady. 2016 Nathan got a new job! We lost Grandma in 2013 and Papa Gene in 2015. Damn odd numbers. I will try to be optimistic about 2017, but I have a few fears. Anyway, back to ’16!

Starting with Nathan, as his was the most eventful. Of course there was a lot of bass fishing.

Clearwater Bass Anglers tournament on Dworshak in April. 1st Place!

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2nd place on Long Lake in May.

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14lbs on Hayden fishing with James Hollingshead.

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Then there was his biggest fishing accomplishment to date. Nathan qualified for the Idaho B.A.S.S. Nation state team as a non-boater. He has worked very hard for this and I am so proud of him. We head down to Caldwell, ID in January for the awards banquet where Nathan will receive his state team jersey and then in April we’ll head to Lake Shasta in California for a week for the regional tournament.

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As fate would have it, during this week of pre-fishing for the qualifer (and our little family vacation on the lake) Nathan was interviewing for a new job with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories in Pullman. He brought his fancy clothes and drove from Lake CDA to Pullman one day for his interview. He got the call to come back for his third and final interview the same day he made the State Team. We knew that third interview was to offer him a job. What a great day it was! At the end of August Nathan said goodbye to Mike’s Heating and Air Conditioning after 14 years and started his new journey with SEL as a senior property/ HVAC technician. It has been a smooth transition for him and he is very happy in his new job. He is also home by 3:30pm everyday, same as me, and our family time has greatly increased. Smiles all around.

2016 wasn’t done with Nathan yet. In November, on Black Friday to be exact, Nathan killed an awesome whitetail with his rifle. Thanksgiving morning he saw the buck and wasn’t able to get a shot on him. He came back to the cabin and gave the deer some space. We enjoyed Thanksgiving together with Nathan’s parents. The next afternoon we were all sitting around the cabin and Nathan said he was going to go back into that clear cut, find the buck with a doe and kill him. Well, that’s exactly what he did! We got the call from Nathan about an hour and a half later that the deer was on the ground. It was so exciting and this guy is getting shoulder mounted on our wall.



As for me, I was in my very good friend’s wedding this year so the spring time was filled with lots of bridesmaid duties. There were many girls day trips to Spokane for bridal shopping. I helped put on her bridal shower at Lindsay Creek Vineyards. It was really pretty.

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And then of course was the bachelorette party and that was a blast! We rented a sturgeon/bass fishing trip with Snake Dancer Excursions. I’ve never seen a sturgeon before in real life and we managed to catch a 6 footer. It was an awesome experience. What a great day that I will always remember.

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To be honest I’m a little bummed we won’t have all the wedding festivities in 2017.

The accomplishment I’m most proud of is that I ran my first race. I’ve completed Jog for the Jugs before but that was mostly walking. I participated in the Glow Run this year with my best friend, Jenna. It was my first 5k when I ran the entire thing and I finished in 31 minutes. I was pretty dang proud of myself. I’m hoping to run a lot more in 2017.

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I also got some bass fishing of my own in in 2016. One spring day Tina and I went up to Winchester and caught a handful of largemouth. It was so much fun!

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I was also able to get out on the Skeeter with Nathan. Time on the boat with him is one of my favorites. I don’t get to go as much now that I’m a mama so I cherish the trips that I do get. The boys are starting to get old enough that they can go too so hopefully 2017 will bring more fishing trips as a family.

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I started teaching my 2nd year of full day kindergarten and it’s going really well. As expected the second year of full day is easier than the first. My teaching partner and I make a pretty rocking team and not to toot our horns but I think we own kindergarten. 🙂

Then there’s our Joshua. I’m sure no one is surprised to learn that he has become quite the fisherman himself in 2016. Joshua has become pretty fluent with his fishing pole and the only thing he needed help with was baiting the hook and sometimes getting the fish off the hook. That kid easily caught over 300 fish this summer. He caught a handful of blue gill, trout, perch, crappie, smallmouth and even a catfish.

Joshua got his first ride in the bass boat. I thought he might be timid but he had an ear-to-ear grin the entire time and wanted to go faster. He caught some fish out of the boat and felt like a legit fisherman. He is.

Joshua also started preschool at Asotin Elementary this year. I am so happy to have him out at my school with me. It is extremely special. We drop Grady off every morning at Grandma’s house and then the two of us head to school. He is doing very well in school. His teacher says he is kind and playful when it’s time to be playful and serious when it’s time to learn. We are so proud of our boy!

Joshua’s first school picture!

He is also in Mario EVERYTHING! Oh how he loves Mario and Luigi. He had a Mario birthday for his 4th birthday in February and I have a feeling it will be another Mario birthday for his 5th. He learned how to play Mario Kart on the Wii. It was Mario and Luigi for Halloween and everything in between.

And of course our little Grady Dean. Grady was the happy camper that just tagged along for everything this year. He is pretty easy going traveled well to our fishing tournaments and camping trips. He always wants to be right next to his big brother doing exactly what big brother is doing. No one can make Grady laugh the way Joshua can. Grady has the most hilarious personality and is the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. Everything he does is cute (even when he’s being naughty) and he has everyone wrapped around his finger. He turned 2 years old this year and talks in complete sentences. In fact, he repeats everything.

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2016 Highlights

The B.A.S.S. qualifier was my favorite trip this summer. It was a week on the lake full of sunshine, fishing, swimming, icecream cones and relaxing. We were with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Pam. The boys were so good and the trip was so fun!

This was our first summer with the new swimming pool my parents put in. The boys and I spent every week at the pool. The boys are little FISH! 

Nathan caught a $500 tagged Squaw fish!!

2016 was one to remember. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us.


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