It Was Christmas.

As you all know when it comes to snow, I am not a fan. I’m usually the first to complain; buuut I have to confess that it was really neat to wake up to a fresh 3″ of snow on the morning of Christmas Eve. It was kind of magical. So here is how Christmas went down for the Tumelsons.

Christmas Eve

After our morning cartoons, coffee and strawberry milk the boys and I bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow.

Before I go on, here’s a little info about our neighborhood. We moved here a few years ago and we are the newbies to the hood. Most of these people have lived here their whole lives. Right next door to us are the Tylers. I actually knew Josh and AnnMarie previously to living next door when I worked with both of them at the Boys and Girls Club. Their two kids, Cale and Jovi, are so good with my boys. Joshua has even claimed more than once that he wants to marry Jovi one day. Diagonal from the Tylers are AnnMarie’s parents, Jim and Virginia. Right across from us lives the Priest, and forgive me, I have forgotten his name. His wife passed away from cancer shortly after we moved in and he lives with his adult children. He is a nice man and brought the kids holiday cookies and homemade dog cookies for Sage this year. Just down from him lives the Coons. Bob is an outdoorsman and loves to come over to talk to Nathan about hunting and fishing. He has been out every time it has snowed and plowed the driveways for all the neighbors. And down the street a little farther are Eric and Debbie Asplund. My mom used to clean Debbie’s mom’s house for…gosh, 20 years? A long time and they are pretty good friends. Eric and Debbie are super nice people. Long explanation short, we live in a pretty special neighborhood. Remember a long time ago when people actually knew who their neighbors were? Not only knew them but would go inside their house? Can you imagine trusting your neighbors to watch over your house while you’re on vacation? They pull your garbage can to the street and water your plants. Well, that’s the neighborhood we live in and I think it’s awesome. So that morning the neighbors were out. Cale and Jovi came out to play in the snow with the boys. Bob was out plowing the driveways and Jim even walked down the street to visit.

After snow play we came inside for lunch and naps. We delivered our own homemade holiday cookies & cards to the neighbors and then we got dressed for dinner at Nathan’s parents’ house. We opened presents and had a nice ham dinner. Nathan’s sister Pamela was in town from Spokane to spend Christmas with us.

When we got home the boys got to open their Christmas Eve present, which is always new PJ’s and a movie. Joshua got The Secret Life of Pets and Grady got Finding Dory. We set out cookies and milk for Santa, put on the new PJs and headed to bed with great anticipation.

Christmas Day

Joshua woke up first at 6:50am. (He slept in! I couldn’t believe it.) He crawled into bed with me and whispered, “Mommy I think I saw something on the fireplace.” He sure did! Santa had come! 🙂

We opened stockings first.

After all the presents were open of course it was time to put multiple race tracks together and get our hands on all the new treasures. Grady loved his new fishing pole from his dad and Joshua was SO excited that Santa brought him the Mario K’Nex race track he so desperately wanted. It took Nathan a good hour to put it all together.

It took us literally all morning to get all the toys put together and get the house picked up. I was finally done throwing away the last box by Noon. Then it was time to get ready for Christmas at my parents house. We opened presents with my parents and my Granny. After awhile Nathan’s parents and sister joined us for dinner. We had a spaghetti feed and enjoyed each other’s company.

We had a great Christmas! Nathan had Monday and Tuesday off so we were able to spend a few more days together to just relax with nothing to do, other than clean-up the aftermath of the holidays.

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