Motherhood is…Grieving Tomorrow

At least once a day a sad thought goes through my mind about these 2 growing up. As excited as I am to watch them grow, change and develop, it’s also a little sad to watch the stages end. Their gained independence is freeing yet I’m already sad for the day they don’t want to sit on my lap or be packed around anymore. I love Joshua’s nieve innocence and fear the day he knows more than I do. Grady is in the cutest little toddler stage and soon he will be a threenager and onery as snot! I want to freeze time. As much as I can’t wait to see all they accomplishment and become, I don’t want them to become teenagers. This childhood thing just happens so dang fast. Where did my babies go? I’m already grieving tomorrow and the loss of these moments of 4 and 2.

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