On the Eve of Christmas Eve

The boys are finally getting to the age where I can start some holiday traditions with them. I thought a great place to start would be by baking holiday cookies on the eve of Christmas eve. So I found an go-to Betty Crocker sugar cookie recipe. The boys were a BIG help. They wanted their hands (and mouths) on EVERYTHING.

And I would love to post these sweet little pictures of all smiles and say that we had the best cookie making experience ever. But this isn’t Facebook and that would be a lie. This is my blog. This is real life. I couldn’t handle Grady on the counter because he wouldn’t stop touching all the ingredients and I kept seeing a bag of flour hitting the floor in my mind. And well, Joshua is known to be quite the drama king so he was whiny and melting down so I told him to go to his room. He yelled “NO!” at me and walked away saying, “I hate my mom I hate my mom.” Which resulted in a spanking and time out for being defiant and disrespectful. So I ended up making cookies by myself. And boy is it a mess.

Later after the cookies cooled I tried setting up a frosting and sprinkle station hoping that Joshua would get into it. He frosted one cookie and was over it. So I ended up frosting all 2 dozen cookies myself.

I feel like the cookie decorating tradition was a flop this year. But they came out pretty and I was able to wrap them up and deliver them to the neighbors. So it wasn’t a complete loss.

It was a pretty mellow day at home. We watched the snow fall out the window and stayed bundle up inside. Movies and Mario Kart. We never took our PJ’s off.

The night before we took the boys to the train park. They loved the lights but we only made it about 20 minutes. It was just too damn cold. It sure is pretty down there though.

And now we’re ready to start Christmas!!!


Motherhood is…Reading the Books.


Questioning. I feel like I’m constantly questioning myself on what the heck I’m even doing. How much should they be eating? Does he poop enough? What is that on his arm? Why is he so stubborn? What am I going to do about this back-talking business? Do I discipline too much? Am I too strict? Do I play with the kids enough? Should I intervene less? Do I let a natural consequence work itself out? Do I baby him too much?

Oh my gosh a parent can drive herself mad with these questions! But we do it. As mothers we question EVERYTHING! So, I read the books. I read the books for wisdom and a sense of relief when I realize that no, I’m not screwing everything up. Thank God for the books!