What’s Up Wednesday!?

S N O W ! That’s what’s up! Lots of snow for the Lewis Clark Valley where I live. Annnnd I gotta admit I’m only kind of a fan. I like the excitement and the magic of the snow. It can be really pretty and I love the way it lights up the night. But I hate driving it and I strongly dislike dressing for it. Normally we get snow for a morning and by mid-afternoon it is gone. This will happen maybe 3 times during a “hard” winter here. Exception: the winter of 1996 which we reminisced about today in the teacher’s lounge. Anyway, the snow is coming down hard tonight!

It’s forcasted to last until January. Ugh. But I won’t complain too much for now because it’s Christmas time and the snow is definitely setting the mood.

What’s up in Kindergarten? The magic of Christmas of course! Teaching this time of year is so much fun. I love all the projects. I’m especially excited about how this one turned out!

The kids made ornaments out of salt dough as a holiday gift to their parents. They turned out so cute!

Oh! And remember when I said how I dislike dressing for all the snow?? Wellll keeping track of 23 kinders’ coats and hats and gloves and snow pants and boots and and and…who has time for this? We want more time for the fun projects. Oh but the kids love the snow! It is so magical for them and that helps me to tolerate all the extra that comes with it.

So what else is up on this Wednesday? I made a super easy dinner tonight! I meal plan on Sundays and my family is pretty spoiled when it comes to a good family dinner each night, but some nights I just want something super easy. Tonight was that super easy. Threw some frozen fries in the oven. Rolled swiss cheese and roast beef in some croissant rolls. A little au’ju for dipping and there you have it! Easy peasy.

After dinner I got lucky and this on-the-go guy was a little sleepy so I got some cuddles in before his bath. I don’t get as much sit time with this one like I do his older brother so I savor it when I get it.

Well, as I type this the snow is just coming down. I wonder how much we will wake to in the morning? Are we lucky enough to get a snow day?!

One thought on “What’s Up Wednesday!?

  1. What a fun post to read and I had to laugh about the freakin’ coats and jackets and gloves and mittens and snow pants and boots and regular shoes. It looks like a closet in my classroom! Hahahaha! A messy closet. But you are right, they LOVE the snow and that is what makes it worth it 🙂

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