Weekend, That’s a Wrap!

What a great weekend at home with my little family of 4. It was productive with just the right amount of time to still relax. The weather was COLD–single digits. It was beautiful with the sun on the snow but don’t let the sparkle fool ya. It was freezing.

So we stayed inside almost all weekend other than one trip out to Costco Saturday morning. We got there right at 9:30am when the doors opened because I knew Costco the weekend before Christmas would be crazy. We timed it perfect and were out of there right when things started heating up. When we got home from our errand we had lunch and then it was nap time for Grady. Which worked out perfect because Nathan was ready for me to help in the garage. We ground and packed up 33lbs of elk burger. Nathan didn’t get an elk this year but our good friends, Ryan and Tina, gave us some of theirs as they ended up with two elk in the freezer this year. We are so grateful for the meat. I don’t use beef burger in anything anymore and have come to prefer the elk. It’s much more lean and better for you as it’s organically processed.

After I got done helping Nathan it was time to tackle the boys’ bedrooms. Their toys were a clustered disaster. Everything was so disorganized that they no longer had sets of anything so it made playing with their toys a little difficult. Plus I wanted to get some of the toys thinned out before Christmas toys show up. Annd well, I can be a little OCD at times and like things to have their place. I mean, check out this mess you guys. There is no rime or reason to it.

Just a clustered mess. So while we were at Costco I picked up these plastic bins great for organization. And I got to work.

Oh so SO much better! Now the boys can go grab the dinosaur bin and get the imagination going. Or grab the nerf gun bin and drive their mama crazy with loud shots down the hallway. Which is exactly what they did.

Sunday was a very early WalMart trip (again trying to avoid the chaos) for weekly groceries and some holiday shopping. Sundays are always laundry and cleaning days. I got the laundry caught up and the floor swept. I put together Joshua’s treats for his preschool program on Tuesday.

I also made a pork roast for dinner. I love cooking a good meal on Sunday with all the time to prepare it.  I got lunches, diaper bags, backpacks, coats and boots all ready for Monday morning. We watched a movie with the boys and then it was off to bed early for the start of a new week.

Relaxing, yet productive, with a lot of good food. My idea of a great weekend! It was also the calm before the storm as Christmas is such a special time but oh so busy! It’s our last week of school. We have final holiday parties at school and a half-day Wednesday then just a couple days before a bunch of family time.

It’s Christmas week!!

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