We actually got a snow day in the Lewis-Clark Valley! This NEVER happens. As in, it’s never happened. No school for a snow day! It was so exciting this morning when I got the email at 5:30am from our superintendent. I was also very relieved that I didn’t have to make the drive out to Asotin from the Lewiston Orchards in the snow. I had my police scanner app on and all the sideways cars and off the road mishaps had me so nervous. I went outside to see just how much snow we got and found 8 inches out there with snow still pouring down.

So I settle in for an all day coffee kind of day! 🙂

And started a fire. If we’re snowed in and not going anywhere I’m taking full advantage and snuggling in.

The boys got up and snuggled up together on the couch to watch some morning cartoons. Toy Story. The best.

After breakfast we decided to go out and play in the snow. The boys had been in the 2 inches of snow we had before and they loved it but it was priceless to see their reaction to the almost foot we have today! They were so excited with the depth of the snow. Snow is magical and no one sees that magic more than children.

Sage also loves the snow! She was running all over the place. She was just as excited as the boys.

I never realized what a big driveway we have until it was covered in snow and I had a shovel in my hand. This was a big, hard job and I hated every second of it. But neighbor to the rescue! He saw me struggling so he came over with his four wheeler and plowed the driveway for me. So awesome to have wonderful neighbors.

Of course snow play is exhausting so we came back in to the hot fire and some lunch. This snow baby completely crashed out in the recliner. So sweet.

And what’s better on a snow day then classic Cup of Noodles?! 🙂

Time to make more coffee and plop down on the couch for christmas movies!

I think I love snow days.



One thought on “S N O W D A Y

  1. Your neighbor sounds like a keeper! I am SO over the snow now and it is not even winter. 🙂 Loved seeing what you did during the day.

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