Ho Ho Home for the Holidays

Ohh how I love decorating our new home. We moved in 2 years ago so it still feels new. I love this house so much. We searched and searched. Nathan and I were looking for a house with a ton of SPACE. We knew for our price range that we would have to do some updating and remodeling as time went on because an new or updated house AND space is pricey. Nathan needed room to back and park the boat and camper. I was pregnant and our 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Found this place in the Sunday paper while eating breakfast and saw there was an open house. We raced right over and got excited goosebumps when we saw how beautiful it was on the outside and cried tears of joy the minute we stepped inside the door. We didn’t have to update a thing! It had already been done and done well.  The fireplace was the first thing to catch my attention. And isn’t it beautiful? Especially all decked out for the holidays. Here’s a little tour of my home decorated for Christmas.

This is a new location for the Christmas tree this year. We’ve tried out a different spot each year since we moved in and I think I like this corner the best. I also added a little gold this year.

I gave the boys their own tree this year. This way they can leave mine alone. I’m kind of picky about my tree and I wasn’t okay letting the boys decorate it because I knew there would be 4 ornaments on once branch and my OCDness wouldn’t be able to handle it. So I gave them their own mini tree and let them have at it. They loved it!

I don’t know if my house has a theme or not but I fell in love with the woodland decor at Pier I last year and my sweet husband bought me some pieces for Christmas. I love the simplicity of it.

I also put out a few decorations that the boys can play with. Decorating for Christmas is so exciting for the kids too but everything is so fragile all they hear is “Don’t touch that. No. DON’T TOUCH!” And it doesn’t seem quite fair. So they get to play with Santa and Frosty as much as they want while leaving the more breakable pieces alone.

As you walk in the front door you’re greeted by some sparkly flowers.

And snowmen. 🙂

A little extra touch to the entertainment center.

Some couch flair.

A little coffee table spice.

The next few pieces are the most special of all. My grandma Linda was my favorite person in the world. My papa was the grumpiest grump but always gentle and sweet to his grandaughter. I spent every single Christmas Eve for 28 years at their house. In 2013 Grandma was taken away from us by lung cancer. In 2015 Papa followed her home. I miss them everyday and think of them often. The holidays are the hardest without them.

After Papa passed away the family was able to go through the house and pick some special things. As soon as I found this I had to have it. This musical snowman was on the coffee table at Grandma and Papa’s house every single Christmas. I always gave attention to it. And this year I cried the second I pulled it out of the box. I love it so much.

While Grandma had cancer she was working hard to get this festive table runner completed for me. I remember when she was sick in the hospital she said, “I have to get home so I can finish sewing.” It was October. I think this was meant to be a Christmas gift for me. Sadly, she never left the hospital and she never got to finish it.

I have left it as is. The pins she had placed to hold the pieces together are still there. I haven’t moved them. Once day I hope to learn how to sow so that I can be the one to finish this. I don’t want the fabric to start to unravel. This is a treasure.

I also have a chalkboard sign in my kitchen and I love love love it. I get to change it with each season or as often as I want. I’ve changed it twice so far this month.

Well, there’s my home for the holidays. I have fun decorating. I have to say, the tree and lights around the fireplace is my absolute favorite at night. ❤ ❤

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