Friday Favorites

Friday! Wait…what? Yesterday’s snow day has completely thrown me off. I taught most of my school day feeling like it was Monday. Then when I got home I was completely reminded that is indeed, Friday. Friday nights are my favorite nights of the whole week. My little family of 4 comes home and we veg. No chores, no studying, no errands. We almost always have pizza with barley and hops. Tonight was no different. Which begins my Friday Favorites.


We ordered pizza from Southway Pizzeria and Deli. Next to Fazzaris, it’s my new favorite. We ordered a medium taco, a medium 1/2 garlic chicken alfredo & 1/2 ball park and a kids cheese. All 3 flavors were killer. The chicken alfredo was my #1!


Right now my favorite place to be is in front of this beautiful sight. It is so cold outside. SO cold…currently sitting at 7 degrees. So next to this warm fire is the only place I really want to be. And it’s so pretty with the added Christmas lights and garland.


The dry, cold weather has had a huge effect on my hair. My hair is dry and full of static, especially when I wear a sweater. SEACRET’s hair serum to the rescue! This serum adds soft moisture to my hair without making it feel weighted down and/or oily. Keeps the static away and smells delicious.


Ipsy. I heard of Ipsy maybe 7 months ago and signed up. For $10/month I recieve a small Glam Bag each month in the mail with 5 products. You take a survey at the beginning so the products are matched to your style. Mostly makeup but also hair care, skin care and nails. I have found some of my favorite products through Ipsy. Like…



…this mascara. It came in my glam bag a month ago and I LOVE it! It goes on so smooth without clumps and adds so much volume and length to my lashes. It also comes off super easy. I don’t know if it’s literally better than, you know, but it is pretty bomb.

There you have it. 5 of my favorites. Fridays being the best of all.

Happy Friday!

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