Weekend, That’s a Wrap!

What a great weekend at home with my little family of 4. It was productive with just the right amount of time to still relax. The weather was COLD–single digits. It was beautiful with the sun on the snow but don’t let the sparkle fool ya. It was freezing.

So we stayed inside almost all weekend other than one trip out to Costco Saturday morning. We got there right at 9:30am when the doors opened because I knew Costco the weekend before Christmas would be crazy. We timed it perfect and were out of there right when things started heating up. When we got home from our errand we had lunch and then it was nap time for Grady. Which worked out perfect because Nathan was ready for me to help in the garage. We ground and packed up 33lbs of elk burger. Nathan didn’t get an elk this year but our good friends, Ryan and Tina, gave us some of theirs as they ended up with two elk in the freezer this year. We are so grateful for the meat. I don’t use beef burger in anything anymore and have come to prefer the elk. It’s much more lean and better for you as it’s organically processed.

After I got done helping Nathan it was time to tackle the boys’ bedrooms. Their toys were a clustered disaster. Everything was so disorganized that they no longer had sets of anything so it made playing with their toys a little difficult. Plus I wanted to get some of the toys thinned out before Christmas toys show up. Annd well, I can be a little OCD at times and like things to have their place. I mean, check out this mess you guys. There is no rime or reason to it.

Just a clustered mess. So while we were at Costco I picked up these plastic bins great for organization. And I got to work.

Oh so SO much better! Now the boys can go grab the dinosaur bin and get the imagination going. Or grab the nerf gun bin and drive their mama crazy with loud shots down the hallway. Which is exactly what they did.

Sunday was a very early WalMart trip (again trying to avoid the chaos) for weekly groceries and some holiday shopping. Sundays are always laundry and cleaning days. I got the laundry caught up and the floor swept. I put together Joshua’s treats for his preschool program on Tuesday.

I also made a pork roast for dinner. I love cooking a good meal on Sunday with all the time to prepare it.  I got lunches, diaper bags, backpacks, coats and boots all ready for Monday morning. We watched a movie with the boys and then it was off to bed early for the start of a new week.

Relaxing, yet productive, with a lot of good food. My idea of a great weekend! It was also the calm before the storm as Christmas is such a special time but oh so busy! It’s our last week of school. We have final holiday parties at school and a half-day Wednesday then just a couple days before a bunch of family time.

It’s Christmas week!!

Ho Ho Home for the Holidays

Ohh how I love decorating our new home. We moved in 2 years ago so it still feels new. I love this house so much. We searched and searched. Nathan and I were looking for a house with a ton of SPACE. We knew for our price range that we would have to do some updating and remodeling as time went on because an new or updated house AND space is pricey. Nathan needed room to back and park the boat and camper. I was pregnant and our 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Found this place in the Sunday paper while eating breakfast and saw there was an open house. We raced right over and got excited goosebumps when we saw how beautiful it was on the outside and cried tears of joy the minute we stepped inside the door. We didn’t have to update a thing! It had already been done and done well.  The fireplace was the first thing to catch my attention. And isn’t it beautiful? Especially all decked out for the holidays. Here’s a little tour of my home decorated for Christmas.

This is a new location for the Christmas tree this year. We’ve tried out a different spot each year since we moved in and I think I like this corner the best. I also added a little gold this year.

I gave the boys their own tree this year. This way they can leave mine alone. I’m kind of picky about my tree and I wasn’t okay letting the boys decorate it because I knew there would be 4 ornaments on once branch and my OCDness wouldn’t be able to handle it. So I gave them their own mini tree and let them have at it. They loved it!

I don’t know if my house has a theme or not but I fell in love with the woodland decor at Pier I last year and my sweet husband bought me some pieces for Christmas. I love the simplicity of it.

I also put out a few decorations that the boys can play with. Decorating for Christmas is so exciting for the kids too but everything is so fragile all they hear is “Don’t touch that. No. DON’T TOUCH!” And it doesn’t seem quite fair. So they get to play with Santa and Frosty as much as they want while leaving the more breakable pieces alone.

As you walk in the front door you’re greeted by some sparkly flowers.

And snowmen. 🙂

A little extra touch to the entertainment center.

Some couch flair.

A little coffee table spice.

The next few pieces are the most special of all. My grandma Linda was my favorite person in the world. My papa was the grumpiest grump but always gentle and sweet to his grandaughter. I spent every single Christmas Eve for 28 years at their house. In 2013 Grandma was taken away from us by lung cancer. In 2015 Papa followed her home. I miss them everyday and think of them often. The holidays are the hardest without them.

After Papa passed away the family was able to go through the house and pick some special things. As soon as I found this I had to have it. This musical snowman was on the coffee table at Grandma and Papa’s house every single Christmas. I always gave attention to it. And this year I cried the second I pulled it out of the box. I love it so much.

While Grandma had cancer she was working hard to get this festive table runner completed for me. I remember when she was sick in the hospital she said, “I have to get home so I can finish sewing.” It was October. I think this was meant to be a Christmas gift for me. Sadly, she never left the hospital and she never got to finish it.

I have left it as is. The pins she had placed to hold the pieces together are still there. I haven’t moved them. Once day I hope to learn how to sow so that I can be the one to finish this. I don’t want the fabric to start to unravel. This is a treasure.

I also have a chalkboard sign in my kitchen and I love love love it. I get to change it with each season or as often as I want. I’ve changed it twice so far this month.

Well, there’s my home for the holidays. I have fun decorating. I have to say, the tree and lights around the fireplace is my absolute favorite at night. ❤ ❤

Friday Favorites

Friday! Wait…what? Yesterday’s snow day has completely thrown me off. I taught most of my school day feeling like it was Monday. Then when I got home I was completely reminded that is indeed, Friday. Friday nights are my favorite nights of the whole week. My little family of 4 comes home and we veg. No chores, no studying, no errands. We almost always have pizza with barley and hops. Tonight was no different. Which begins my Friday Favorites.


We ordered pizza from Southway Pizzeria and Deli. Next to Fazzaris, it’s my new favorite. We ordered a medium taco, a medium 1/2 garlic chicken alfredo & 1/2 ball park and a kids cheese. All 3 flavors were killer. The chicken alfredo was my #1!


Right now my favorite place to be is in front of this beautiful sight. It is so cold outside. SO cold…currently sitting at 7 degrees. So next to this warm fire is the only place I really want to be. And it’s so pretty with the added Christmas lights and garland.


The dry, cold weather has had a huge effect on my hair. My hair is dry and full of static, especially when I wear a sweater. SEACRET’s hair serum to the rescue! This serum adds soft moisture to my hair without making it feel weighted down and/or oily. Keeps the static away and smells delicious.


Ipsy. I heard of Ipsy maybe 7 months ago and signed up. For $10/month I recieve a small Glam Bag each month in the mail with 5 products. You take a survey at the beginning so the products are matched to your style. Mostly makeup but also hair care, skin care and nails. I have found some of my favorite products through Ipsy. Like…



…this mascara. It came in my glam bag a month ago and I LOVE it! It goes on so smooth without clumps and adds so much volume and length to my lashes. It also comes off super easy. I don’t know if it’s literally better than, you know, but it is pretty bomb.

There you have it. 5 of my favorites. Fridays being the best of all.

Happy Friday!


We actually got a snow day in the Lewis-Clark Valley! This NEVER happens. As in, it’s never happened. No school for a snow day! It was so exciting this morning when I got the email at 5:30am from our superintendent. I was also very relieved that I didn’t have to make the drive out to Asotin from the Lewiston Orchards in the snow. I had my police scanner app on and all the sideways cars and off the road mishaps had me so nervous. I went outside to see just how much snow we got and found 8 inches out there with snow still pouring down.

So I settle in for an all day coffee kind of day! 🙂

And started a fire. If we’re snowed in and not going anywhere I’m taking full advantage and snuggling in.

The boys got up and snuggled up together on the couch to watch some morning cartoons. Toy Story. The best.

After breakfast we decided to go out and play in the snow. The boys had been in the 2 inches of snow we had before and they loved it but it was priceless to see their reaction to the almost foot we have today! They were so excited with the depth of the snow. Snow is magical and no one sees that magic more than children.

Sage also loves the snow! She was running all over the place. She was just as excited as the boys.

I never realized what a big driveway we have until it was covered in snow and I had a shovel in my hand. This was a big, hard job and I hated every second of it. But neighbor to the rescue! He saw me struggling so he came over with his four wheeler and plowed the driveway for me. So awesome to have wonderful neighbors.

Of course snow play is exhausting so we came back in to the hot fire and some lunch. This snow baby completely crashed out in the recliner. So sweet.

And what’s better on a snow day then classic Cup of Noodles?! 🙂

Time to make more coffee and plop down on the couch for christmas movies!

I think I love snow days.



What’s Up Wednesday!?

S N O W ! That’s what’s up! Lots of snow for the Lewis Clark Valley where I live. Annnnd I gotta admit I’m only kind of a fan. I like the excitement and the magic of the snow. It can be really pretty and I love the way it lights up the night. But I hate driving it and I strongly dislike dressing for it. Normally we get snow for a morning and by mid-afternoon it is gone. This will happen maybe 3 times during a “hard” winter here. Exception: the winter of 1996 which we reminisced about today in the teacher’s lounge. Anyway, the snow is coming down hard tonight!

It’s forcasted to last until January. Ugh. But I won’t complain too much for now because it’s Christmas time and the snow is definitely setting the mood.

What’s up in Kindergarten? The magic of Christmas of course! Teaching this time of year is so much fun. I love all the projects. I’m especially excited about how this one turned out!

The kids made ornaments out of salt dough as a holiday gift to their parents. They turned out so cute!

Oh! And remember when I said how I dislike dressing for all the snow?? Wellll keeping track of 23 kinders’ coats and hats and gloves and snow pants and boots and and and…who has time for this? We want more time for the fun projects. Oh but the kids love the snow! It is so magical for them and that helps me to tolerate all the extra that comes with it.

So what else is up on this Wednesday? I made a super easy dinner tonight! I meal plan on Sundays and my family is pretty spoiled when it comes to a good family dinner each night, but some nights I just want something super easy. Tonight was that super easy. Threw some frozen fries in the oven. Rolled swiss cheese and roast beef in some croissant rolls. A little au’ju for dipping and there you have it! Easy peasy.

After dinner I got lucky and this on-the-go guy was a little sleepy so I got some cuddles in before his bath. I don’t get as much sit time with this one like I do his older brother so I savor it when I get it.

Well, as I type this the snow is just coming down. I wonder how much we will wake to in the morning? Are we lucky enough to get a snow day?!